Set it in stone

Stone tray makes a great holder for soap and lotion dispensers.

Have you ever wondered what to do with those odd pieces of granite or natural stone left over from a project or by suppliers? Here’s an idea that will have you scrounging your garage for more of them!

Natural stones are very robust and can withstand high heat. Turn them into pretty little trays to hold just about anything you have at home or at work.

You will need:
A piece of granite or any paving stone. One with rough edges is also an interesting choice.
Cabinet pulls. For more character, we chose one with an antique look.
Screws, screwdriver
Strong adhesive tape, if you decide not to bother with drilling and screwing the handles on.

For our purpose, we decided to drill and screw on our handles. This way, we can safely lift the heavy stone without the handles coming off.

Make sure they are centered on the edges and facing each other.

We put our pretty little tray in our powder room to set our hand soap pump elegantly!


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