Eight reasons to date a tree-hugger

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What do Leo DiCaprio, Ian Somerhalder, Lily Allen and Gisele Bündchen all have in common? Apart from being incredibly gorgeous, they’re also tree-huggers!

Here are eight really good reasons why you should consider getting into a relationship with these lovers and protectors of nature:

1. They care. Tree-huggers are not afraid to show their soft side. Just like their mission to nurture trees and protect forests, they know how to care for anyone and anything that has been hurt or taken for granted.

2. They’re passionate and fight for what they believe in. Tree-huggers speak their minds out. When push comes to shove, they will fight for what’s right. Whether it’s protecting forests or fixing relationship troubles, they will see it through.

3. They are socially responsible. Tree-huggers like helping those in need. They also live a life of mindfulness and are staunch advocates of important causes. They give without expecting anything in return.

4. They are adventurous. To them, Palawan is not just a summer getaway, it’s an ecological paradise and source of rich biodiversity. Tree-huggers don’t just travel for the sake of taking selfies, they travel with a purpose—often, to promote the planting and growing of trees and assist forest-dependent communities.

5. They are more than willing to go the extra mile. Tree-huggers will volunteer in eco-friendly activities or participate in forest conservation movements. They’re always willing to share their time, effort and commitment to worthy causes.

6. They are never boring. Tree-huggers are among the first to know of issues affecting you or the environment. That’s why life with them is always filled with excitement and a sense of purpose.

7. They’re a great source of comfort. Hugging has a lot of health benefits: it boosts the immune system, releases happy hormones and makes us feel safe and loved. Do you know that hugging trees does wonders to our mental and emotional well-being too?

8. They make the world a better place. Through all their personal advocacies, conservation efforts and eco-friendly initiatives, tree-huggers want to ensure a clean, green and sustainable future.

BFF Movement

Best Friends of the Forest Movement (BFF Movement) is a community of young environmentalists, travel enthusiasts, artists and social entrepreneurs who aim to inspire people to protect and conserve the Philippines’ forests. Think you’d make a good tree-hugger? Join the movement on March 21, 2018!

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