‘Confluence’ at Alliance Française | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022


Baguio-based artist Jef Cablog, who recieved an artist’s residency in Ile de Groix, Brittany, France, will have the homecoming exhibit, “Confluece,” at Alliance Française de Manille March 7 to April 20.

An accomplished artist, Cablog was born in Barlig, Mountain Province, and has exhibited in France, United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea since being a finalist in art competitions like Metrobank Art and Design Excellence in 2010.

Cablog’s work is a critique of the rapid urbanization of the Cordillera and its despoliation. He said that tourist areas in the region had become trash bin with discarded bottles from tourists lying around,

His “Raft Series” plays on the layered ideas that plastics float, that we need to hold on to rafts for our survival in a climate changed world, but likewise to zoom in on the fact that they pollute the oceans.

His “Fin series” focuses on how animals of the seas end up swallowing plastics, either killing them, or causing problems for people consuming fish with microplastic.

By melting plastics, manipulating them, and exhibiting works made from them, Cablog puts forward environmental issues affecting humans.

Complementing these mixed-media works are heavily impastoed paintings of images which relate to his culture.

The “Howl series” meanwhile looks at the problem of overconsumption, which have not been a problem.

“Confluence” will run March 7-April 20 at Alliance Française de Manille, Makati City. Call Galerie Francesca at 5709495 6592667.