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Massive value-for-money buffet

Our group was planning our usual lunch get-together a few days ago. A close friend enthusiastically suggested this buffet in a restaurant in Glorietta in Makati, where she said we’d get a value-for-money meal. So we traveled the distance from our base and found ourselves in a restaurant offering an overwhelmingly massive buffet spread with about a hundred regional and international dishes.

Buffet 101, 3/F Glorietta 2, Makati City

Dining area – Much bigger that any normal-sized dining place with buffet stations located end to end. Each food station features a particular cuisine; it’s quite an effort to go through all of them.

What we did was to concentrate on the Japanese food, our favorite, and skipped all the others. We were lucky our table was right in front of it.

Service – As this is a buffet restaurant, nobody had to wait for any staff to get an order. However, the service team welcomed requests from diners to get food from other stations.

Food choices – There must be about a hundred dishes, but a diner certainly can’t consume too much so choose your favorites. Some in our group tremendously relished the fresh steamed shrimps with soy sauce dip, while we were very pleased with the salmon sashimi and kept going back for more.

Others got tempura, while some explored the Chinese station for fried rice and noodles. Our personal choice for main course was the roast beef with brown sauce, which proved to be a disappointment. It was tough with some litid, and the knife was dull that we could hardly cut the meat.

Desserts were plenty as well.

Cost is P600+ per person; seniors get 20-percent discount.

Rating – 2 Spoons