WagyuMafia pops up in Manila

Wagyu topped with garlic

For the past 10 years, Wagyu masters Hisato Hamada and Takafumi Horie have been the number one exporters of Wagyu in the world, supplying many Michelin-star restaurants. But it was only last year that they branded themselves the “WagyuMafia.”

WagyuMafia currently runs four concepts in Japan— Yakiniku Steakhouse, The Cutlet Sandwich Shop, Kaiseki Restaurant and Butcher’s Kitchen, the last two being members-only establishments.

Last July, brothers LA, Mico and Lui Clavano, along with partners Amado Fores and Carlo Alvarez, flew to Tokyo to meet Hisato and Taka. There, they were given the chance to experience dining at the different WagyuMafia restaurants.

Convinced that this was the best meat they’d tried in the world, the Filipino business partners decided to bring WagyuMafia to Manila.

This February, the best beef straight from Japan, served in different ways and prepared by Hisato Hamada himself, became available in Manila, through an intimate popup event held at Manila House.

At one point during the dinner, Hamada asked me how I liked the food, and when I replied that “Everything tasted amazing, he said, “Okay, let’s go to the kitchen!”

The next thing I knew, we were in the back kitchen.
Himada asked chef Bruce Ricketts for a particular cut of meat, some uni and other key ingredients for a new dish he said he was about to make. He sliced the Wagyu, poured the special sauce and presented to me the uni-topped dish. It was awesome. –CONTRIBUTED

WagyuMafia opens at Bonifacio Global City in mid-2018.

Wagyu master Hisato Hamada with chef Bruce Ricketts


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