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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: Facebook/@duolingo
Image: Facebook/@duolingo

Language learning service Duolingo has released a language learning course for people who want to learn the fictional Klingon language from the “Star Trek” franchise.

Klingon is the third constructed language (conlang) to be featured in the free language learning site. Last year, it released a course on High Valyrian, a fictional language native to the world of “Game of Thrones”. Prior to High Valyrian, it also offered a course on Esperanto, the most wildly spoken constructed language in the world.

Image: Duolingo official website

The Klingon course is currently in beta version, which means it still needs refining. Interested learners may access the course online for now, but it will be made available for iOS and Android later on.

Image: Duolingo Incubator website

This course came to be through the contributions of users loghaD, mizinamo and jdmcowan, who were credited in the course page.

“While some of our earliest courses were built internally, most Duolingo courses are built by volunteers using the Duolingo Incubator,” said senior public relations manager Michaela Kron in an exclusive report by Engadget.

“In the case of Klingon, the course development was led by Felix Malmenbeck, the course’s lead contributor who is a fluent Klingon speaker and has been passionate about the language even before he became a fan of Star Trek,” Kron added.

Klingon as a language turned out to be a challenge for the language learning software. It was one of the few languages that had apostrophes in the middle of words, which is why it took a couple of years to get to beta stage. Alfred Bayle/JB


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