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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Someone once said, “Don’t worry about the news. Today’s headline is only tomorrow’s back page story.” Quite true. So if you miss the late breaking news, it is probably no loss at all.

A couple of weeks ago, I was moved by the images on television of the mammoth turnout for “March for our Lives,” a rally by students all over the United States to awaken awareness on gun violence in schools, and in support of gun control.

The numbers were impressive. Aside from the close to a million who showed up in Washington, DC, there were about 800 “sibling” marches in as many US cities and in different parts of the world.

It was inspiring to see the younger generation standing shoulder-to-shoulder, together, and with one voice telling the big people, their elders, that they had had enough.

But did “the powers” take notice? Were they listening? We all hope so.

As usual, some people were quick to downplay the event and saw the specter of politics behind the protests. Some claimed that the faces behind the placards belonged to actors, purportedly paid by the Democrats.

You think? Almost one million of them?

I don’t know if I just missed it, but nothing more has made it to the news in the past couple of weeks—at least not in the headlines. Other events have overtaken that big story.

There is the alleged meddling of Russia in the last US elections; there’s Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, ex-FBI chief James Comey’s testimony, the Mueller problem and the recent bombing of Syria.

Here at home, the news spotlight is focused on an impending impeachment in the Supreme Court. There’s also an ongoing election protest and recount. And now there is more talk about the shredding of damning documents.

A week or so ago, I watched in disbelief and utter disgust a lawyer stick his ugly finger and spew expletives at people during a protest in Baguio. It was all on live TV and social media!

That this has become the source of amusement for many is beyond me. The callousness is appalling. How low have we fallen?

My good friend sighs. “I hang my head in shame. When I pray, I am embarrassed to ask God to bless this country. It’s like we don’t deserve it.”

Like a breath of fresh air

And just when I felt totally stifled by the fetid atmosphere, I chanced upon an announcement about “Quest for Love.” No, it is not a romantic survey. It is, rather, a movement in search of people who want to make a difference here at home.

Here is their pitch: “Do you have the heart and passion to make a difference in this country? If so, join us in the ‘Quest for Love’ general assembly. We’re looking for engineers, architects, inventors, landscapers or anyone who has something to offer to help the finalist communities of the ‘Quest for Love.’ Take part in building the country from the bottom up.”

The mover and shaker for this idea is environment advocate Gina Lopez. Why am I not surprised?

There’s a meeting on May 2 at 2 p.m. at 8 Rockwell Makati. E-mail or text 0917-8780032.

No, I was not asked to plug this event. I just think it’s worth the attention. Spread the word! Someone actually cares what is happening (or not happening) in our homeland.


A week ago, College of the Holy Spirit called a meeting to discuss our next alumnae homecoming to be held on Feb. 3, 2019 at the Mendiola campus.

Thoughts of my alma mater bring back beautiful memories, and the joy of a childhood totally unknown to today’s kids. My grandchildren struggle with the idea that we played on sidewalks, drank water from a hose and got along without iPhones and gadgets.

“Lola, how is that possible? How did you communicate?” And my answer floors them. “We had something called conversation. Google it.”

Anyway, we were notified that our class of 1949 celebrates a titanium jubilee. Imagine that. They have run out of precious stones and metals for us. We have done them all. And I thought we were ancient when we made it to gold!

The Vessel brand

My pro-golfer grandson recently got himself a Vessel brand golf bag.

What is so significant about that, you ask?

Vessel, which is based in San Diego, custom-makes their bags for professional athletes. Their mission statement is unusual, to say the least: “to inspire love, hope and change, one bag at a time.”

There’s more.

When the time came to emblazon the sponsor’s logo on the new bag, his dad had to detach the outside zippered flap to bring it to the embroiderer.

This is what my son found inscribed inside:

Inspired by love.
Intentionally designed.
Handcrafted to perfection.
Made for a unique mission,
One that only you can fulfill.
Life is an adventure.
Experience it to the utmost
Carry what you treasure.
Reach out eagerly and without fear.
Become what you were created to be.
You are a vessel.
Filled with purpose.

This is not about a golf bag. It speaks to the heart. It is all about you and me. And it is a clear and unmistakable reminder of who and what we are.

Listen up.

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