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Nelson Castillo’s “An Unfolding Sky”

Castillo flies the abundant skies in ‘Celestial Sojourn’

Nelson Castillo’s “An Unfolding Sky”

For his solo show “Celestial Sojourn,” Nelson Castillo documents movement while organizing layers of his well-known ethos of distinctly-painted miniature birds, and breaking apart its quotidian actions of flight.

“Celestial Sojourn” investigates the wandering nature of birds, juxtaposing it with the consciousness of a drifting individual apparent in our culture today—a character that exists both inside and outside the conventional traditions and venues.

The artist’s works are conduits for analyzing the human consciousness: specifically, one’s search of meaning and purpose by embarking on a journey, literally and figuratively.

Castillo is an internationally renowned Filipino-American artist noted as the “Father of Miniature Painting” in the Philippines. He has more than 100 awards and recognitions from different local and national art competitions.

“Celestial Sojourn” will be on view simultaneously at Galerie Raphael Shangri-La and Galerie Raphael Serendra from April 24 – May 4. The artist’s reception is on April 24, 6 p.m., at Galerie Raphael Shangri-La. Call 9416194 or e-mail [email protected]; Call Galerie Raphael Serendra at 8563034.