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OCTOBER 27, 2022

1. “I believe God created rules for the universe, but he did not intervene after that. Therefore, I want to know if a saint ever died of an accident. Most saints died of sickness. Is sickness God’s way of taking good people? Are people who died in accidents not good people? I hear stories where there are divine interventions that prevent people from getting harmed. Does evil cause the untimely demise of a person?”

My answer may surprise you, but you may either accept or reject it. I believe God does not punish or reward us; we punish or reward ourselves by either word or deed.

He gave us free will to do good and evil. Based on our choices, desires, intentions and actions, certain consequences naturally follow. Such consequences are what people call our destiny. But destiny or predestination is nothing more than effects of our own free choices or free will. In other words, our so-called destiny is what we have willed it to be, perhaps in a previous life or lives. We cannot blame God or President Duterte for what happens to us or to our country. We can only blame ourselves.

2. “I am a certified public accountant, but I believe there’s more to life than just preparing financial statements. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but people say it’s not ‘practical.’ Sometimes I wonder if I should pursue law, because aside from writing, I also love reading. It’s been so long since I stopped writing stories, poems. I don’t know if I will ever be good enough, and even if I am, what career awaits me? If I pursue law and eventually become a lawyer, I don’t know if it fits my personality. I’m a bit of an introvert.”

You are right. No one gets rich in the Philippines by just being a writer. Treat it as a hobby, but not a profession. You don’t have to be a full-time writer.

Try to submit articles to newspapers, magazines and other publications. A publisher may also want to publish a collection of your works someday. You will never know unless you try.

If you are the shy type, being a lawyer is obviously not for you. But if it is really your passion, I’d say, go for it. Follow your bliss, as they say. “To thine own self be true,” as Shakespeare said, “and it must follow as the night the day, you cannot then be false to anyone.”

You can also try past life regression to get some insight on why you are what you are now in this life time. Or you may consult a psychologist or a career consultant for advice.


3. “Sometimes when I face a problem, I just believe that I can overcome it, because I am destined for greater things in life. Just by looking at my name and birth date at the same time, is there any way to know this for sure? Through numerology or Akashic record? I was born Oct. 18, 1996.”

I am not into numerology, astrology or palmistry because I have not yet found scientific proof of their validity or accuracy. But I am not against these practices or methods. I don’t know anybody here who can really read the Akashic Record of a person. But there are pretenders who advertise and claim they can. Be careful with these people.

4. “In reincarnation, if someone learned a certain lesson in his lifetime (such as humility), does he keep this lesson to prepare him for his next lifetime, in order to focus on other things he needs improvement on? In other words, do the lessons accumulate and eventually make you a better person, or do you have to work on improving yourself in all aspects that could be improved in a single lifetime, one lifetime at a time?”

In principle, reincarnation is supposed to be progressive. In other words, we are supposed to improve or attain a higher level of soul evolution every reincarnation, but because of free will, we can choose to do evil over good, and therefore retrogress in the next life. So each reincarnation is not always a smooth upward progression of our soul. That’s why we keep on coming back until we learn what we need to learn.

5. “I just want to know if there are certain foods that will help me reach ‘Alpha level’ of brain waves easily. Or foods that will help me tap into a spiritual level.”

We all go through all levels of our brain waves — Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta—every day, whether we eat or not. It is not a question of what you eat but what eats you! If you want to reach the Alpha state quickly, stop asking too many questions—and just sit still for about 15 or 30 minutes, and you will reach Alpha.

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