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OCTOBER 27, 2022

MANILA, Philippines—A Feng Shui consultant and expert on Chinese charms warned Saturday that the Year of the Water Dragon might usher in a turbulent period for the government, with the last half of 2011 wrought with accusations of and retribution for wide-spread corruption.

Nevertheless, with the dragon symbolizing luck for the Chinese, local fortunetellers agree that the new year would be generally trouble-free for the country, which has been hounded by disasters.

Maxie Tiu, proprietress of the Charme general merchandise in Binondo, Manila, told the Inquirer that the dragon’s attributes of stubbornness, hard-headedness, and quick, fiery temper might influence the disposition of government officials.

“I think the government will be chaotic next year. The dragon is hard-headed, we can see that from its horns. It always gets what it wants because of its persistence. It is also an animal with a temper, from there we can see more conflict,” she said.

Generally, she pointed out, the dragon’s being the luckiest animal sign in the Chinese zodiac would bring fortune and good tidings for the country, which has fallen victim to a barrage of disasters.

She could not say, however, if the country would be visited by more typhoons of disastrous proportions.

“We cannot foretell calamity. It is the will of God. We have to think positive. You have to thank God, thank the heavens that we are not poor or that there is still something good in our lives. We just have to wish, we have to pray that we have no calamities or if there are, that there are only few casualties,” Tiu said.

She clarified that although 2012 is the year of the water dragon, it did not mean that it would bring more floods, adding, “We have floods every year.”

Filipinos, she said, are naturally positive thinkers, which would help greatly in bringing good fortune to the country this year. “Amid calamities, bad business, we are still happy. People with little or no money still laugh.”

Tiu said that the Chinese look forward to the year of the dragon because they perceive the mythical animal to be the luckiest. “You can expect more mothers next year and more pregnant women because people want to  have children born in the dragon year.”

The fortunetellers at Plaza Miranda in the the vicinity of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila, agreed that the new year would be good for all Filipinos.

One of the fortunetellers, Madam Luming, told the Inquirer that she did not see any major obstacles to the country’s progress next year from a reading of her tarot cards.

She said that Filipinos who suffered from the floods caused by Tropical Storm Sendong would be able to recover and prosper in 2012.

“It would just be considered a minor setback for them. But they will recover,” she said, pointed to the ten of cups, which symbolized lasting happiness and security.

She said that should there be calamities next year, Filipinos would be able to cope and move on.

Asked if the year would be smooth sailing for the government, she said that based on the cards, there might be some strife but everything will go well nonetheless.  “There is always trouble in every government we have but everything ultimately goes smoothly.”

Tiu said that people who should be extra careful in 2012 are those born in the years of the dog (1922; 1934; 1946; 1958;1970;1982; 1994; 2006) since the dog is the natural enemy of the dragon.  People born in the year of the dog would be ill-advised to purchase dragon charms.

She pointed out that those born in the year of the dragon (1928; 1940; 1952; 1964; 1976; 1988; 2000) should also be careful this year because they would be envied by others.

Other people who should be very careful about losing money, watch out for their health and be wary of accidents as well as unforgettable incidents are those born in the years of the horse (1930; 1942; 1954; 1966; 1978; 1990; 2002); the ox (1925; 1937; 1949; 1961; 1973; 1985; 1997; 2009); the rat (1924; 1936; 1948; 1960; 1972; 1984; 1996; 2008); the pig (1935; 1947; 1959; 1971; 1983; 1995; 2007); and the snake (1929; 1941; 1953; 1965; 1977; 1989; 2001).

The feng shui consultant and charms expert said that people born under other animal signs: the tiger (1926; 1938; 1950; 1962; 1974; 1986; 1998; and 2010); the rabbit (1927; 1939; 1951; 1963; 1975; 1987; 1999; and 2011); the goat (1931; 1943; 1955; 1967; 1979; 1991; 2003); the monkey (1932; 1944; 1956; 1968; 1980; 1992; 2004); and the rooster (1933, 1945; 1957; 1969; 1981; 1993; 2005) would all fare well next year.

Tiu said that businesses that are expected to boom in the year of the water dragon are: hotels; beauty parlors; junk shops; resorts; saunas or health spas; car wash; as well as condominiums and other real estate.

Dragon charms, she said, would be good to put in homes. “Usually we put charms so we have good feng shui. There are items to cover the bad but they depend on the year when a person is born. Certain charms suit certain people,” Tiu added.

She advised people to always think positive so the new year would be truly prosperous.

“Think positive and everything will be well. You think that tomorrow will be good, then it will be. That is how feng shui works. We use charms if we feel we are less than lucky. We add something so our feng shui would get better and that mindset is positive thinking,” she said.

Tiu pointed out that for the new year to be good, there are three things that the country needs: prayers; positive-thinking; and generosity in giving to others.  “With these three things, we will succeed.”

“We need to have good hearts most of all. Without a good heart, whatever charm we use or even if we buy all the charms there are, they will never work,” she concluded.

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