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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Yes, going on a trip—especially one that you’ve been preparing a while for—is definitely exciting.

But when you travel, it’s never just about where to go or what to do. The logistics and necessities that come with planning the trip are also a big part of the package. And with all the fuss that goes on, it can be easy for a few little things to slip up here and there.

A lot can go wrong—it can range from neglecting certain necessities (like forgetting to pack a swimsuit to a beach trip, for example) or not being able to optimize your vacation experience (packing a camera, but not bringing extra batteries).

There’s a sense of calm and assurance about listing the things you need before you go on a trip. But if making your own checklist isn’t your style, let this fun, interactive checklist determine not only if you’re all set to go, but whether you can maximize your trip experience too.

Try it out:

Give yourself corresponding points for every thing on this list you’ve got covered. Then, add up your Preparedness Points and find out if you’re ready to get going.

1. The essentials

You earn one (1) point for every item in this list—these are the basics you don’t even need to think about.


2. Chargers, power banks, extra batteries, extra memory cards, adapters

You earn five (5) points for these items. You never want to run out of juice for your devices. Besides the obvious fact that you might need extra power in case of emergencies or finding yourself far from a power source, it will also help you keep connected and in the loop with the rest of the world while you enjoy your trip. You can keep sharing those vacation photos without having to worry about draining your devices’ batteries.


3. A camera

You earn five (5) points for this item. You’re probably thinking, “but I have my phone.” However way you spin it, cameras, whether DSLRs or point-and-shoot types, can still capture sceneries, landscapes, and even personal portraits better. If you want not just documentation, but great image quality worthy of hanging up the wall, then don’t think twice about bringing a camera.

Bonus: Give yourself another three (3) points for bringing camera bag to make sure you can carry your camera more efficiently, and another two (2) points for a sturdy neck strap.


4. A safe place for all your documents

You earn five (5) points for carrying a safe, durable pouch or case for all your necessary documents–tickets, passport, visas, extra IDs, emergency contacts, maps. Ideally, your keeper should be lightweight and protects your documents from dirt, water, etc. You don’t have to go fancy—a plastic envelope-type case should do the trick.


5. A trusty moisturizer or sunscreen

You earn five (5) points for having these items. Whether you’re headed to a hot or cold destination, you need to ensure you’re still caring for your skin.


6. Earphones

You earn five (5) points for having trusty earphones that you can use to listen to your favorite playlist or watch a movie in peace. Essentially saving you during long rides and long waits!


7. Extra bags

You earn three (3) points for your personal carry–on bag which you can tote while sightseeing. This should be lightweight, but still have enough room for all your must-haves during daytrips. Give yourself another one (1) point for extra foldable bags that you never know when you might need—like when you shop for pasalubong or to carry your laundry. Bonus point (1) if you bring eco-friendly bags!


8. A journal


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