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Rancid oil spoils a Vietnamese meal

The River Bank area in Filinvest Muntinpula is now a popular dining destination.

We remember being among the first to have a meal there two years ago. There were only a few restaurants at the time. The number has since ballooned.

Several restaurants have established their branches here, and the population of habitues has increased. It is not overcrowded yet and the river that flows along it, has a cooling effect.

Pho Hoa Vietnamese Noodle Soup restaurant

The lady who welcomed us said this was a Japanese-Vietnamese restaurant, but we did not see anything Japanese in the menu folder. Just as well, we were in for another type of food and this should be perfect.

Dining area—There was a big banner (printed with characters we could not read) hanging above the counter. Tables were arranged to allow easy movement.

Service—Kitchen was quick and we thought we’d have a perfect meal, but no. When we bit into the fried rolls, they tasted of rancid oil. We requested that they be changed.

No good, the new dish came as rancid so we simply did not eat it. Someone told us that we should ask for a refund, but they were part of a combo meal. So how?

Anyway, the chef should be considerate enough to fry using unused oil or to change his brand.

Staff—Maybe instead of the standard uniforms, the ladies could wear the ao dai to have a perfect ambiance. Wishful thinking?

What to order—It was supposed to be a Vietnamese nooddle soup outlet. But we skipped this and wanted to try others that were colorfully illustrated on the menu.

One was that combination of Rolls with Grilled Chicken and Fried Rice, Crunchy Fried Chicken with a hint of ginger flavor and the Flat Noodles with vegetables, including red and green capsicums. It it a pity that two pieces of rolls and maybe the wrong brand of oil, spoiled what could have been a perfect meal.

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