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A Chinese mother sat in on her son’s junior high class for three years to keep an eye on him.

The Chinese mother, identified as Dai Jihua, sat in on over 3,000 classes beside her son who was simply identified as Xiao Hua. She did this during his three years in junior high school to keep an eye on Hua’s studies, according to a report by Yangtze River Daily via South China Morning Post.

Hua’s teacher from his school in Wuhan, Hubei province, advised his mother Dai to join a class one time to figure out why he was doing poorly. Hua previously had no trouble in primary school.

Dai later discovered that her son’s attention span was too short and he would easily get distracted. So she decided to stay put and watch over him.

Hua initially didn’t like the idea of having his mother in school. However, he had a change of heart after learning why his mother was sitting in on all his classes.

“I knew it wouldn’t be easy to break the bad habit, and the teachers could not keep an eye on him all the time, so I decided to go to school with my son to watch over him,” she said in the report.

The school also encouraged other parents to sit in on classes to see how the school system worked and how their children were doing.

While Dai’s efforts to ensure her son had a good education could be seen positively by some Chinese, some experts and teachers strongly disagreed.

Sichuan teacher Wang Yao wrote in China Education Daily how the parent’s presence in class could put extra pressure on pupils, according to the report.

A commentary on Chinese outlet said Dai had crossed the boundary. The commentary also warned that excessive attention could rob children of the right to be happy students.  Alfred Bayle /ra



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