China woman immobilizes cockroach eating her eardrum; doctor exterminates it 2 days later | Lifestyle.INQ

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A 20-year-old woman from China got unlucky when a cockroach crawled into her ear, which a doctor exterminated two days later.

The unidentified woman did not realize that it was a bug that was causing pain in her ear, reports local media Guangzhou Daily via South China Morning Post. The report stated that the cockroach got inside while she was sleeping on Tuesday.

“I felt as if needles were being poked in my ear at that time,” the woman was quoted as saying in the report. She added that she first tried killing the bug with some drops of oil, which stopped the movement of the bug.

But since she was busy with work, the woman left the bug in her ear for two days before seeking help. The insect got extracted, thanks to a doctor named Huang Dan from the Renkang Hospital in Dongguan, Guangdong province.

Huang said the cockroach nibbled a small hole in the woman’s eardrum. This was not the first time he treated someone with this case.

“Most of the patients live on the first floor where the environment is humid, there’s poor hygiene and it’s riddled with insects such as cockroaches,” Huang said, according to the report.

A man from Florida, USA, also had a similar case as the woman. But instead of eating his eardrum, the cockroach tried to get out, but eventually died inside.  Katrina Hallare /ra



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