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A hospital bedside wedding that was supposed to happen earlier this August never came to be when the leukemia-stricken bride succumbed to her disease just moments before the ceremony.

Xiao Hui, 32 years old, was diagnosed with leukemia almost a decade ago when she was just 24. As reported by Xinhua via the South China Morning Post last Aug. 23, Hui met her partner, Yang Feng, in 2016 when she was still in a more stable condition.

Despite the odds and their brief time together, their love proved to be stronger than Hui’s cancer. The two reportedly only decided to get married this August when Hui’s condition eventually worsened.

The two chose to have their wedding at the Henan Cancer Hospital in Henan province, China where Hui was confined. All was set for the ceremony, with guests and reporters crowding in the hospital ward to witness the momentous occasion. A local wedding shop also donated flowers, a wedding gown and photographers just for the special day, the report said. Unfortunately, it never pushed through.

The couple’s friends and the hospital staff were down to the last of the wedding preparations, but as the afternoon went on, Hui’s condition became critical. Doctors and nurses rushed to Hui’s aid to try and stabilize her, while Yang — her husband-to-be — went to his loved ones to call the ceremony off.

After canceling the ceremony, Yang took to Hui’s bedside where he slipped the ring on her finger. A few moments later, Hui had gone.

“I didn’t want her to leave alone,” Yang told reporters. “There’s no marriage license, but she’s my soulmate.”

It’s known that funeral services have already been carried out for Hui. As per report, Yang has commissioned her tombstone, so it would read: “You can leave me, but you will always be part of my life.” Cody Cepeda/JB


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