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OCTOBER 27, 2022

A frustrated and exasperated woman recently asked: “How come whatever I do, I cannot make my dreams come true? No matter how many times I make mental affirmations and maintain a positive attitude I am not able to manifest what I want or achieve my goal. Is there anything wrong in what I am doing? Is there a formula for successful goal attainment?”

I don’t know how you do your goal setting or manifestation procedures, but, yes, there are certain conditions for success in this practice. Merely repeating your affirmations endlessly and having a positive attitude are not enough. Merely visualizing your goal, although good in itself, is not enough.

You must also know something about how our brain works and also the nature of reality. This is not easy, and even most mainstream scientists don’t completely agree with it.

Brain hemispheres

First of all, the two hemispheres of our brain (neocortex) have different but complementary functions, which neurobiologist Dr. Roger Sperry and his colleagues discovered, for which he won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1981.

The left side of our brain is primarily concerned with analytical, rational, quantitative and verbal thinking. The right side handles creative, intuitive emotional and nonverbal thinking. Success in goal setting and manifestation consists in making use of both sides of the brain, plus the limbic system.

The other factor in ensuring success of goal setting and manifestation has something to do with the role of our brain waves. The more we can function on the lower brain waves, the more effective our goal setting would be—that is, it’s easier for our desires to become a reality.

There are things that we can do at the lower brain waves of Alpha which we can’t do on the higher levels of Beta wave.

The reason is that, at the lower brain waves, there is a synchronization of the frequencies or vibrations between the left and right hemispheres of the brain which is not the case at the Beta wave.

Once we achieve such synchronization, we gain access to our subconscious mind which is a repository of all our knowledge of past, present and future.


How does this work in practical terms?

When we want to manifest something or achieve our goal, it must be stated or visualized in a concrete or specific manner—not as a general idea, because the right side of our brain can understand concrete images.

For example, you can’t say “I want to be successful” or “I want to be rich” as a goal because these are abstract ideas.

What do you mean to be a success in the concrete? What do you mean “to be rich?” They are generalities and are meaningless to the right side of your brain.

You must realize that whatever your right brain sees as a concrete image, your body accepts as a reality. And it acts on it automatically. If you imagine you have a tumor and you think of this every day, you will eventually develop a tumor.

If, on the other hand, you think or imagine of yourself as being healthy in a concrete and dramatic way, your body will accept it.

That’s why the mental formula developed by French pharmacist and healer, Emile Coue, in the 18th century, worked. He suggested that we should repeat the expression, “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better,” 16 times a day. It worked for many of his patients. At the time, he did not know why it worked. Now, neuroscience has an explanation for it.

Strong desire

Another rule for the success of any affirmation or goal setting is you must have a strong desire or intention. You must have absolute belief in its success and that you have to act as if it has already been achieved.

As Jesus Christ so wisely advised his disciples, “When you pray, believe it is already granted to you.” This is called expectancy. There should be no doubt at all that it will manifest.

If you follow all the aforementioned steps or formula, whatever you want, as long as it does no harm to others, will surely come to pass.

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