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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: Screengrab from Twitter/@epicciuto
Image: Screengrab from Twitter/@epicciuto

High heels are an essential part of some women’s wardrobe. This type of shoe is so classic that the United States first lady Melania Trump must have thought it alright to plant a tree wearing a pair — albeit, she now became the subject of ridicule by critical netizens who found her fashion statement during the tree-planting event quite absurd.

Trump, who donned a knee-length floral skirt which she partnered with a pastel pink sleeveless top and matching pastel pink Christian Louboutin stiletto heels, planted a sapling from the Eisenhower oak on the White House’s South Lawn on Aug. 27.

She was accompanied by former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s granddaughter Mary Jean, and the fifth U.S. President James Monroe’s fifth-generation grandson Richard Emory Gatchell Jr.

Her “gardening outfit” did not sit well with netizens. In Reddit, a “Photoshop Battle,” which is a contest for the best-edited images, was launched to mark the occasion.

One Reddit user, SplendidCoffee0, re-imagined the photo with Trump appearing to be burying the Statue of Liberty.

Shitty low effort political meme I made

Another cut Trump’s figure, editing her on top of what looks like a slice of tiramisu cake.

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One Reddit user reimagined the scene as Trump’s daydream.

While Twitter users did not hold a photo-editing contest, they did have their share of fun on the matter, through hilarious posts that cite Trump’s new gardening fashion line, to her “pretend-play glamor gardening.”

Some pointed out that Trump’s heels are beneficial, since they help aerate the ground.

One Twitter user took inspiration from the ongoing Reddit Photoshop Battle, editing Trump’s shoes in three different ways — as red high-top Converse sneakers with the word “Trump” printed on the side, as what looks like pink dragon’s feet, and as orange cowboy boots.

“Everyone’s ragging on Melania for her choice of gardening shoes so I’ve put together a few suggestions for more practical and meaningful footwear, since she likes expressing herself with clothes,” wrote the Twitter user.

Another Twitter netizen, JCaro (@jfistacuffs), posted a side by side photo of Trump and the former U.S. first lady Michelle Obama while gardening. While Trump is glammed up, Obama wore a simple t-shirt, pants and sneakers, which looked more comfortable and suitable for gardening.

This is not the first time the First Lady was criticized for her gardening attire. Last month, photos of her planting and harvesting vegetables in September 2017 circulated in social media. Netizens poked fun at Trump after Chrissy Teigen, who is an outspoken critic of Trump’s husband, pointed out how clean Trump’s low cut Converse pair were.


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