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OCTOBER 27, 2022

We were all kids once.

For many of us, early childhood is one of the few parts of our lives that give us a rush of good memories that last a lifetime. Some remember hopping over Chinese garters in sunny afternoons while others can recall spending hours looking for their friends in the dark during a game of tagu-taguan. While we may have been raised differently, we can all say we know of the universal experience of youth where things were always fun, exciting, and nurturing.

As parents, you want to make sure your kids go through the same thing. They won’t stay little for very long but with these tips, you can ensure your kids make the most of their own childhood:

Let Your Kids Engage with Their Peers

Many parents often resort to phones and tablets as a form of entertainment for their kids. While giving them a mobile device is the most convenient way to keep them quiet and preoccupied, this could be robbing them of doing something more productive, such as building their interpersonal skills.

Instead of letting your kids spend most of their days indoors, encourage them to go outside and play with other children. Introduce your children to your neighbor’s kids and organize sleepovers whenever you can. This way, your children can make lasting and more meaningful relationships with their peer in a safe and secure environment.

Allow Your Kids to Discover Their Passions

Do you remember the first time you found out what your talents were, be it painting or singing? Your parents wouldn’t stop bragging about you to your other relatives at family reunions and to their friends when they bump into them at the grocery. These talents eventually became part of who you are and helped shape your career path and future.

If your child seems to follow you around the kitchen and express deep curiosity over how you make your food, ask them if they want to attend cooking classes. For the energetic kids who know how to kick a ball, enroll them in summer sports lessons. If their interests change over time, that’s okay too. Support them in their path of discovery – their childhood is the best time to begin exploring their passions.

Spend Quality Time with Your Children

These days, parents often cite work as a reason for not seeing their children as often as they could. Although work helps pay the bills, family time is just as important, especially as a child.

This time in your child’s life is where you get to build a close bond with them as early as possible and make sure they know you only care about their wellbeing. Many adulthood traumas stem from rocky childhoods so it’d be best if you establish a loving, trusting relationship early on in their lives.

Travel with Your Kids

Many of our best memories are often in places far away from home. There’s always an adrenaline rush to visiting a new city where almost everything is fresh to the eye, from the food and architecture to the art scene and local community.

During your children’s summer vacations, take them on a trip to a local province or a foreign country. Travelling with your child helps them see beyond the world they currently live in. Plus, well-travelled children are known to become smarter, more empathetic individuals when they grow up. They gain both memories and knowledge, something that they’ll be grateful for in the future.

Keep Your Children Healthy

In encouraging your child to enjoy their childhood, don’t forget to prioritize their health, too. An active child would need a balanced, healthy diet so they can seize the day ahead.

If your children are picky about their food, you’ll need food supplements to give them the nutrients they need. FERN Kiddimin is a food supplement that contains the essential vitamins and amino acids that help give the nourishment and energy they need to make the most of their day. It has Taurine & Vitamin A to help improve mental quickness, Lysine & Vitamin B Complex to help stimulate healthy appetite, and Chlorella and Vitamin D3 to help develop a strong body. Always put your child’s health first, because a healthy child is a happy one.

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