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OCTOBER 27, 2022

japan train
Image: Twitter/@SakuradaPC
japan train
Image: Twitter/@SakuradaPC

A Japanese man riding a train nonchalantly hit a sleeping woman on the head with his smartphone because she was leaning against him.

Anyone who’s commuted to work or school has fallen asleep during a ride. Sometimes, people can’t help leaning on the shoulders of fellow passengers as they get jostled around by the vehicle they’re on. And sometimes people just get really sleepy.

One woman was caught on camera slumping and leaning against a man in a suit wearing a face mask as they both ride a train. The footage was shared by Twitter user “@SakuradaPC” on Oct. 3, as reported by My Game News Flash via SoraNews24.

At first the man didn’t appear to mind the sleeping woman as he himself looked drowsy. A short while later the man casually reached into his bag to pull out a smartphone and slap it on the woman’s lolling head. The man quickly tucked the device into his bag and pretended as if nothing had happened. The 16-second clip has been seen over 4.22 million times as of this writing, and a number of criticisms were also leveled against the man’s behavior.

“I get that you don’t want her leaning against you… but that’s really messed up,” tweeted @SakuradaPC.

One twitter user said the man did what he did because it was a woman and he figured she wouldn’t fight back. Another reasoned that maybe the man didn’t want to use his hands to push her for fear of being called a train groper or “chikan.” A few others pointed out that what the man did could be considered as assault and the footage could be used as evidence.

Twitter users also questioned why @SakuradaPC had been filming the insides of a train in the first place. Apparently the man had already hit the woman on the head three times, prompting @SakuradaPC to film the incident.  Alfred Bayle/ra



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