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OCTOBER 27, 2022


You say in your columns that if a guy likes a girl, the girl would know it even if she is asleep. Or that, if a guy likes a girl, even if the guy be a priest or a saint, he would still let that girl know that he likes her. Could you be more specific? What are the definite signs that a guy likes a girl? How would a girl know for sure that a guy likes her?  RALEIGH

A girl would probably know the guy likes her even in her sleep if the guy has either revealed his feelings to her up front, or he shows overt signs of courtship to her even without the accompanying words to that effect. Or if she herself feels there is a common attraction between them in the first place.

It would take a stone-hearted person or an emotionally challenged man or woman not to read the body language of the person who is interested in him or her. Unless the “pursuant” has a repelling personality, no amount of persuasive body language can break the countenance of the object of his desire.

To two people who are drawn to each other, something magical happens. Call it hormones, call it magnetism, call it corny, but their togetherness becomes electrically charged, so to speak.

How would a girl know if a priest or a saint likes her? Hey, just as other human beings would! They will manifest their attraction to the girl, however forbidden it is!  But whether or not they succeed in their venture is the big question. They would call her out of the blue, or perhaps start a silly conversation that is suddenly of utmost importance—anything to be near the person they’re interested in. Long story short—ordinary stuff suddenly turns into an important “must do” and “must see” event.

Love is a crazy emotion, in case you’ve never been wheeled into the world of this dizzying roller-coaster. It will drive you mad, it will hoist you to unimaginable heights of joy or plunge you into valleys of deep despair. Yet, despite the tears and battering of the psyche, and after swearing it off “forever,” you get up and find yourself doing it all over again… and again.  Much like a broken record!

If the girl feels that something undefinable is brewing even while she’s asleep, rest assured she’s already emotionally involved, however mystifying it seems. Bet the house on it!

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