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A Japanese Twitter user shared how a ticket that could ‘make any wish come true’ saved him from taking his own life.

Twitter user Kashiwamochi (@loveglasslip) tweeted on Oct. 12 his experience with depression and attempted suicide during his high school days, as reported by SoraNews24.

Kashiwamochi tweeted how encountering so much hardship drove him to stand on the edge of the roof of the 13-floor apartment building he and his mother lived in. When his mother found him, she held out a piece of paper she plucked from her wallet. It was a “wish ticket” that he gave her for Mother’s Day and held the words “This ticket makes any wish come true.” Upon seeing the ticket, Kashiwamochi came away from the edge and embraced his mother. Since then he said the thought of suicide never crossed his mind again.

The story struck a chord among Japanese Twitter users and Kashiwamochi’s tweet garnered over 260,000 likes and 68,000 retweets as of this writing.

Other suicide survivors related their own stories in response to the tweet. However, some saw something magical, almost something from a Ghibli movie. These commenters said Kashiwamochi was in a way saved by his younger self.

Twitter user “@Pastelcareer,” who was a new mother, shared how touched she was with the story. She noted that if Kashiwamochi had jumped, his mother “would have lost the ability to smile forever after.”

User “@sennonaifu,” who is a nine-year veteran of a funeral parlor, also left his thoughts on the matter. He noted that ceremonies for suicide victims always end with low spirits and encouraged people not to rush death because it comes to people eventually when it’s time.

Thoughts of suicide are a serious matter and no one should have to go through difficult times alone. If you are having suicidal thoughts or you know someone who needs help, the Department of Health has 24/7 hotline ready to take calls at (02) 804-HOPE (4673).  Alfred Bayle /ra



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