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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Eden Street wants to spread love, joy, and magic.
Eden Street wants to spread love, joy, and magic.

“More than a product of my lifelong love affair with paper and snail mail, Eden Street is one of those bright things that are born out of dark times. My brand—and my personal journey—could never have been steeped in love and positivity if not for the lowest point in my life, and the inner work I did afterwards to reclaim my joy,” wrote Micah Sulit, writer, former magazine editor (she was the editor in chief of the defunct K-Zone Philippines) and creator of Eden Street, a stationery brand that she describes as “a self-sustaining vehicle for spreading love, joy, and magic.”


In 2015, Micah was taking her master’s in magazine journalism in Kingston in London. She found inspiration in the stationery and greeting card shops around the city. But, she said, “The most important part of Eden Street’s DNA, however, came from a rough, depressive period in London—I call it my personal rock bottom.”


Eden Street, named after a road in Kingston, is “a colorful collection of paper goods designed to inspire and uplift people.” “I think what makes my products unique is how they’re just sincerely, unapologetically positive. Eden Street is just in-your-face inspirational. ‘Inspirational’ and ‘motivational’ are the words often applied to products like mine, but I think it’d be more precise to say Eden Street items are uplifting and encouraging.”


Cara Gonzalez, Micah’s friend and fellow artist, agrees. “What I think makes Eden products unique is the intention of the artist. You can tell the messages that Micah wants to convey come from a genuine desire to spread love and positivity. In an industry and culture where everyone is trying to be humorous and witty and punny, she’s just trying to be kind and to inspire people to be kind.”


The sticker packs and card sets are Eden Street’s bestsellers. “In general, the best-selling sentiments from the OG lineup are ‘be gentle with yourself’ and ‘you are making progress every day,’” Micah said.


A repeat customer describes Eden Street’s products as “pieces of Micah’s journey that she shares with the world.” That’s what makes them so impactful—that they’re rooted in truth. She said, “I can probably string any group of words together and slap them on a postcard, but I ‘wait’ for what needs to be released into the world, what I and other people need to be reminded of. This year has been especially transformative for me personally, and two of my favorite 2018 designs are ‘your path doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s’ and ‘look around and remember how far you’ve come.’”

These pencils have been an instant bestseller.

Eden Street’s customers use the products in their journals and mood boards and give them as gifts to people who need encouragement. “I think of my products as ‘gentle reminders,’” Micah said.


“I know from experience that when you’re depressed or anxious, feeling better seems next to impossible, so instead of telling you to cheer up or be happy, Eden Street products remind you to ‘watch what happens when you don’t give up’ and that ‘there’s value in every season of your life.’ Most of my designs are open to interpretation and can resonate with people in different ways, so hopefully, people will find in my products the encouragement they need in the situation they’re in. One of my newest postcard and sticker designs says, “Dark times show you how bright you can shine.” I think that’s one that can only land when you’ve weathered the storm—I could never have come up with that while I was at my rock bottom, but now it’s something I can say with certainty.” –PAM PASTOR


Eden Street Products are at Common Room branches (Katipunan, Alabang Town Center, Power Plant Mall) and www.commonroomph.com. Postcards are also available at the Go Lokal kiosk at Glorietta. Follow @edenstreet on Instagram.