LOOK: Halloween skeletal decorations of Florida home will tickle your funny bone | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: Sami Campagnano via Storyful
Image: Sami Campagnano via Storyful

A college student in Florida, United States has been entertained every day this month, thanks to her neighbor’s Halloween house decorations.

Sami Campagnano shared images of the skeletons on her neighbor’s front lawn via Twitter on Tuesday, Oct. 23, explaining, “So my neighbors change these skeletons every day for Halloween, and I think I finally need to share them.”

The images showed the skeletons enjoying a pool party, doing some gardening, and hosting a barbecue.

In another post, the said skeletons were seen sunbathing, cycling and running what looks like a barber shop.

Even the pool of Campagnano’s neighbor is occupied by skeletons which will surely, instead of scaring away children, make them laugh out loud.

For Campagnano, yesterday featured the best skeleton lawn arrangement so far.

“Guys. Best one yet?” she said about the skeletons holding a garage sale with complete props. Kate Matriano/JB


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