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OCTOBER 27, 2022

celebrity fitness
Jump up and down to burn calories with Saltar

I’ve been on a wellness streak for the past two months, adjusting my diet and going to the gym at least four times a week. That’s why I immediately said yes when Celebrity Fitness invited me to try their classes.

Celebrity Fitness offers several signature classes including Floating Yoga

Located at One Bonifacio High Street Mall, Celebrity Fitness is an exercise and wellness studio originally from Indonesia. It found home in Taguig last October, strategically located near one famous bakery that also just opened shop in High Street. It’s just the place to be when you feel a little guilty over eating one cupcake too many.

As an addition to the growing exercise options in Manila, you’ll get both familiar services and something new. They offer personal training packages which target specific goals. You can also try out their unique classes such as Floating Yoga, Fast Fit and Dance Academy. I geared up on a Saturday morning and tried Saltar and Playground.

If you ask me, Saltar is aerobics on a trampoline. It’s something that is quite unique in Manila’s fitness studio map. Taking cue from the Portuguese word for jumping, you lunge, run, and, well, jump on a tiny trampoline for 50 minutes. To the tune of various dance songs, including remixed versions of “Believe” by Cher and Linkin Park’s “In The End”, you’ll find yourself out of breath and a bit sweaty quickly. And isn’t that what we want from a workout, right?

celebrity fitness
Jump up and down to burn calories with Saltar

For someone who dreads cardio day at the gym, myself included, Saltar offers a fun alternative without compromising the calorie burn. If you’re just a newbie to it and a bit confused with the moves, you’ll get by with just jumping up and down. The enthusiastic coach does give ample instructions but you may need some time to get used to the sensation of being on a trampoline instead of a solid floor. There’s a tendency for you to cut the momentum, when really you should go with it so it’s easier to transition from one move to the next.

Playground followed shortly after Saltar. If you’re a fan of variety and a bit unmotivated when stuck on a machine like a treadmill or a stationary bike, you’ll like this one. Playground is a 30-minute group workout that’s like circuit training. During my slot, we had three stations. First is the bosu ball; second, the kettle bell lifts; and third is the box jumps.

Image: Celebrity Fitness offers Playground, a 30-minute high-intensity endurance workout.

What I appreciated is how the coach gave us options for each station. There were three levels of difficulty and he insisted that you can do whichever level is best for you. You can create a good pace which is great when you’re still catching your breath from Saltar.

Combined, the cardio benefits from Saltar and the endurance training you get from Playground makes you feel fulfilled for the day. Not bad for one hour and 20 minutes, especially when you’re trying your best to pump up your routine before the holidays, when diets and exercise routines can’t be helped but set aside.

Will I be going back? Certainly, when I find myself in the area again. I’m also very curious about Floating Yoga. I can tell it will make for a cool anecdote to share over the upcoming holiday gatherings. JB


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