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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Though we might be looking for a fashionable sneaker, it is better to have a work out shoe that combines the features of strength, support, and technology. Either you are in need of shoes for double-dips at Baskin-Robbins or crossing 18 miles of asphalt, we discussed with twelve fitness-minded women to learn the best workout shoes.


Hoka One One Women’s Bondi 5 Save

“While training for an Ironman after recovering from the knee surgery, a friend of mine who had participated in the race in the previous year suggested Hokas. I thought to myself that this pair of shoes looks like a joke; I was captivated by its amazing feature after doing a five-mile run at the gym wearing those shoes. These shoes have a bulky look when you want to put them on, but give you an exciting feeling when you are running. Its toe box is a little bit wider than the conventional running shoe, and this offers you a more convenient fitting without having a feeling that your foot is moving around. Due to the copious cushioning placed into the outsole, I experienced less aches and pains in my knee when I compare these lovely sneakers to other shoes when I participate in long-distance running.” – Jen Ator, 31, Fitness Director, Women’s Health Magazine, running on treadmills and outdoors.


Adidas UltraBoost

“When Adidas released the Adidas UltraBoost, I had my reservations about the brand’s claim of their revolutionary stance. There is a need for me to search for a pair of shoes that I can use when I am not running with my favorite Asics Gel Nimbus. Adidas kept to its words as the Adidas UltraBoost makes you feel on top of the world, and make me run faster than I ever thought. I have run three marathons in several UltraBoost versions namely; New York City, Boston, and Berlin), and also performed training wearing those shoes. I have a firm belief that UltraBoost is one of the most fashionable workout shoes you could find anywhere. I had to keep two pairs of these shoes as one of them is meant for the gym and walking around while the second one is meant for running.” Caitlin Carlson, 29, Deputy Editor, Furthermore, running on treadmills and outdoors.


New Balance 860v8

“I knew these exceptional lightweight trainers while on a fashion-PR salary; these shoes turned out to be my pair of sneakers that I could use everywhere I go including the cycling classes, hiking and at the gym. These days, I wear them on hectic trips between the yoga studio and my office. Though not as fashionable as you might think, but it has the necessary shock absorption and strength to offer support for my frenzied city life.” Maggi Warner, Director of Executive Services at Axcess Worldwide, Yoga Instructor, hiking, running outside and on treadmills, and strength training.


Brooks Neuro 3

“I visited the New York Running Company store to purchase new shoes, after I got injured due to the wrong shoes while training for a half-marathon, and discovered these Brooks. These shoes are exceptionally the best I have used in years. Though you might they are large and massive when you are trying them for the first time especially if you are conversant with Nikes; particularly around the ankles, you can be assured that these shoes are one of the best workout shoes to run with, and I did not feel pain on my knees. I had an awesome feeling running the Brooklyn Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon with these shoes, and the experience was incredible.” Isabella Chacin, 25, Mobile Marketing Specialist at Mobext, running outdoors and on treadmills.


Nike Women’s Free TR Flyknit 2 Sneakers

“I have the last model of these amazing sneakers, and I wore these shoes till the knitting fell apart. It is noteworthy to say that these are the most comfortable sneakers I have ever worn in my life. As an individual on my flat feet for close to fourteen hours each day, I cannot trade comfort with anything else, I also realized that wearing those shoes makes my foot to develop a relaxed arch. It possesses a supportive sole, and it does not give me a feeling that I am wearing socks through the day, and it makes it easy for them to squeeze in a quick workout in between clients. The versatility of these shoes made me fall in love with them as I can lift while wearing them, as well as move to a cross-training workout, and have a hangout with my close associates for dinner without having to change into another shoe because they are fashionable.” Julie Wandzilak, 25, Equinox E Tier X Coach, strength training, cross-training.



Asics Gel-Flux 4

“I have been using this same pair of shoes for several years. Most times during pregnancies, they are tight, and my idea is to visit the store and a purchase a non-Asics pair, but I did not get my desired results as they did not offer support to my toes, and I had no choice than to return to my shoes I have been using before. While wearing these shoes, I can walk on an incline, run, participate in hikes, strength train, and engage in kickboxing which needs ankle support and good heel for the turning and twisting exercises.” Maaria Mozaffar, civil rights attorney, hiking outdoors, strength training, kickboxing, and treadmill workouts.


Nike Air Max Thea Ultra Flyknit Sneaker

“While strolling through a boutique in Montreal, I discovered these awesome kicks and walked out of the store with them on my feet. It has a super lightweight and airy fit, and it can be difficult to get on, these sneakers also make my feet have a narrow and slim look. Wearing these shoes can also get you through an Orangetheory class.” Julie Mayville, 33, Senior Client Partner at Twitter, cross-training and strength training.



Nike Air Huarache

“Each time I wear these shoes, I get loads of eulogies on the color of these shoes, and I enjoy running outdoors in the evening with these shoes because its lime-green turns into reflectors. These shoes have an incredible snug fit which makes them the best choice for my high-intensity interval training. I also use them in cross-training and utilize them for agility and plyometric training like ladder drills or box jumps. I detest shoes that require you to adjust the lace now and then continuously. With these shoes, you can easily get in and out without issue.” April Sutton, 30, professional stuntwoman, running outdoors, HIIT, Plyometric workouts.


APL TechLoom Phantom

“I have been searching for a smoother pair of sneakers to put on to my preferred classes such as Rumble and Fhitting Room when I saw this awesome pair of shoes. I am in need of the same support provided by my normal running sneakers (Asics) to conveniently do box jumps and burpees, but I am also in need of a stylish appearance that could serve through the entire day. These shoes tick all the boxes, and my feet felt comfortable, and the icing on the cake is that they are beautiful.” – Brooke Lessinger, 30, Freelance TV producer, HIIT, Boxing, and Plyometric workouts.


Asics GEL-Kayano 24

“After dealing with severe blister issues with my running shoes about eight years ago, I settled for the Asics Kayano, and have not used another shoe ever since. I made sure that I visit my local running store twice each year, and purchase the modern version of my favorite shoe. Irrespective of the look or the colors of the shoes, I am assured of the comfort and sturdiness that Kayano will give me as I require those shoes for my on-demand training, AKT studio, and also taking care with my one-year-old baby.” Linsey Wheeler, 32, Director of Partnership Marketing at Life Time, Dance Cardio, HIIT, and Strength Conditioning.


Under Armour Women’s UA SpeedForm Fortis 2.1 Running Shoes

“It is safe I have an obsession with the UA shoes in recent times, either for leisure or fitness purposes. I wear these shoes throughout the day as I use them while teaching a morning class, taking Barry’s class, and training of my clients through the entire day; these shoes are excellent for any situation. They are super lightweight and fit like a glove.”- Lindsey McMeen, Instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp, Strength training, and HIIT.


Asics GEL-Nimbus 19 Running Shoe

“For several years, I have worn trendy lightweight running sneakers, but I began to notice pain on my knee, and I could not find any explanation for the scenario. After conducting various tests, I made a switch to a running sneaker that offers more support and focused concentration to my stride, and the pain on my knee was nowhere to be found. One of the most exceptional characteristics of these shoes is that they are flexible and super lightweight, and this feature made them a top choice for high-intensity training classes where I engage in jumping and other tasks that strain my knees. Though these shoes are not the best regarding beauty, there is no doubt that they make my knees feel awesome, and I will prefer the convenience to style if given the opportunity again.”- Samantha Flax, 27, Account Manager at Pinterest, HIIT, Plyometric workouts.



Brooks PureFlow 7

In the early part of 2010, when there is a rise in the fame of minimalist running shoes, every running brand moved to release shoes with low heel drops and enormously thin midsoles that enabled for a close-to-the-ground sensation. Despite the fact not all of these shoes were successes; Brooks fared in the creation of an incredible shoe that live longer than the trend, and it remains one of my best shoes. The PureFlow is updated for a near-barefoot sensation, which ensures I am well connected to the ground, also offering me sufficient soft cushioning to guard me against the pains and aches that could come as a result of the high-impact pavement drubbing.



Asics GEL-Cumulus 19

The Cumulus is an excellent middle-of-the-road shoe for those who do not give a hoot about specific details such as midsole density and heel drop, and wants to begin the process of running immediately. When I decided to be more professional about running and stopped buying cheap and stylish shoes, I visited a specialty running store to get expert advice about shoes I need to use. The Cumulus was introduced to me by the sales associate I met in the store, and I was pleased with the shoe and later bought them. They were the perfect shoes as they are not too soft or too hard. This made me remember those years when I was working at the running store, and I can remember selling this Goldilocks of shoes often as it provides versatility to every runner that purchases it.



Saucony Women’s Kinvara 9 Running Sneaker

Due to its springy and lightweight nature, the Kinvara is my favorite for 5K and 10K races because it gives me a fast feeling. Its midsole have soft, and low-density foam and its springiness make it wear out earlier than a stronger shoe. That is the reason why I utilize it for weekly speed sessions and races when I want to achieve a personal best. These shoes are much lighter than my standard shoes I use every day, each time I lace them up, my brain receives a signal from my feet that it is time for high speed.



Brooks Glycerin 15 Running Shoe

We have the Brooks Glycerin on the other side of the cushioning variety; it is a super-plush shoe that offers you calm softness each time you take a step. I cherish the Glycerin for racing and marathon training, specifically for individuals who are running a marathon for the first time, and moving into unexplored territory with every week’s long run. Its foam layers can rise to the steady buildup of weekly mileage and also offer a soothing feeling on race day. Purchasing the Glycerin shoes can be compared to buying a luxury automobile with the entire whistles and bells. You might not require the rich foam underneath, but it will be difficult to go back to other shoes if you try these shoes once.



Saucony Triumph ISO 4

I have written about the shoes previously and had to mention the Triumphs once again as I run in these gears presently in recent times, and I must commend them for helping me recover swiftly to a normal routine after the occurrence of a severe hamstring strain. I love the more minimal shoes, but my old preferred shoes were not good for my aching body when I was injured, and this compelled me to move to the Triumphs, which are charitably softened and lightweight in nature. I am having a better hamstring and feeling better by the day. I have been using the Triumph because it is a great shoe that offers comfort and makes me feel great on foot as well.



Nike Free RN 2018 Running Shoe

These days, when I am not running in the Triumphs in recent times, I am using the extremely pared-down and minimal Nike Free. I have an obsession with Mile High Run Club classes, and I cherish with its flexibility and lightweight nature as they are cool for incline intervals and short sprints. It seems shoes made by Nike are more stylish than the other shoes, and this made me prefer these shoes for travel as they can also be used as everyday shoes, which merely means that I do not have put extra shoes in my luggage.