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Costume genius Colleen Atwood

Colleen Atwood is the world’s most acclaimed costume designer, having won Academy Awards for, among others, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”


You are by far the world’s most foremost movie costume designer. What about the Wizarding World universe attracted you to the project?


I was attracted to the Wizarding World Universe because it is beautiful. The world (production designer) Stuart Craig creates combines magic, Paris and many layers of social setting for me to be inspired by.


What is the biggest costuming challenge for “The Crimes of Grindelwald”?


To costume a film of this scope, the layering of the world behind the characters as well as inventing the characters are huge challenges because they happen simultaneously.


What is your favorite costume in “Grindelwald”?


Costumes are like children, they have good days and bad days. Do not really have one.


What is your biggest influence, inspiration or theme in costuming “Grindelwald”?


In “Grindelwald’s” costumes, I was inspired by Alpine detail with a nod to Rock & Roll. –Ruel S. De Vera