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OCTOBER 27, 2022

General’s Lechon

I am forever on the lookout for food gifts. The stuff I look for must be unique, but not necessarily expensive. And, of course, I want the recipient to close his eyes in satisfaction as he bites into it.


My Christmas list:


Chef Judy’s Chiffonelle Cake. It’s a light caramel cake with a tinge of lemon. Simple but simply delicious. It’s my latest discovery. Tel. 09178975839


Casa Daza Empanada


Casa Daza Empanadas. I don’t usually like promoting my products, but I’ll make an exception for these. They’re that good. Best kaliskis empanada for me. Original or chicken—for me, the original has a slight edge. Tel. 7202290 or 09171490021


Bottled Gourmet Tinapa. Heathy tinapa in extra-virgin olive oil with herbs and spices. Best on toast, over pasta or simply with sinangag and egg. Tel. 09175120193


Lorenzo’s Food for the Gods. It’s a 50-year-old family recipe that is so addictive. I first featured this almost a decade ago. Tel. 09175441105


Sugarbee Alfajores and Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake. Tel. 8520557, 09053784774


Brazo Cupcakes. Tel. 09287545327


Korean Beef Stew by chef Yrish de la Rosa. Tel. 09177196462


Shane’s Healthy Cupcakes. No flour, naturally sweetened, no butter, no oil but masarap.  Shane Remu, tel. 09272707742


Papermoon Mille Crepes and Cookies. The ube and original layered mini crepes and whole cakes, chocolate chip cookies and dark chocolate cookie with white chocolate dot are good. Tel. 3724054


Callos by chef Victor Sanchez. Tel. 09175777099


Roast Turkey with all the fixings by chef Bob and Ninay. Tel. 09189098850


Baby Phat Ensaymadas. Huge, unique flavors, and delicious. Made by chef Pearl. Tel. 09177901127


Italian Porchetta by Ram Jorge. Italian-style boneless lechon. Tel. 09178102218


Tinee de Guzman’s cochinillo. Tel. 09175251025


Czar’s Apple Pies. Winner of Great American cookfest—perfect with queso de bola. Tel. 09175411167


Shirley’s bottled tuyo. Tel. 09998820635


General’s Lechon


General’s Lechon. Best lechon in Manila. My favorite is the Chili Garlic. Book early. Tel. 09178975966


Margie de la Rama’s cochinillo. Also, try her roast turkey. Tel. 09178971017


Sans Rival by Gay Vasquez. Tel. 09173010615


Cakes by pastry chef Sunshine Puey. Choose from unique éclairs, exceptional chocolate cakes, brown butter chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffle cookies and raspberry financiers. Tel. 09178832432,  4039051


Tani Bautista’s Upside Down Cake


Upside Down Cake, Ammaretto Cake and Prune Cake  by Tani Bautista. The Upside Down is to die for. Tel. 09175320816


Mediterranean Chicken and Hainanese Chicken by chef Jyn Ngo. Tel. 09175280563


Lengua by Oliver. Tender, rich and flavorful with a delicious brown sauce—best I’ve tried. Tel. 09172763555


Ginny de Guzman’s truffle chocolate cake, parmesan shortbread cookies and champorado cookies. Tilde Bakery,  Tel. 7712764, 09951038781


Casa Medillano authentic-tasting paella. Tel. 09165568842


Felicia’s Ensaymada from Bacolod. They can deliver to your doorstep. Tel. 09185514638


Kitchen’s Best Cake Plaisir, Turtle Pie and Mango Sans Rival. Tel. 09178871988


Queso de Bola Cheesecake—best one around. Tel. 09209278188


Chocolate Velvet Cake by Sylvia Cancio. A combination of cake and mousse with superior chocolate glaze. Tel. 09178352102


Pastelleria Mallorca’s buttery and gigantic ensaymada. Tel. 09053704433


Hector’s Chicharon Bituka. Tel. 09062661564


La Tasca Bibingka. The best Pinoy kakanin ever. Tel.  8979749.


Plaza Ham and Corned Beef by Millie and Karla Reyes. Tel. 09175874267


Stevie’s Hainanese Chicken and Vietnamese fresh spring rolls. Tel. 09065084155.


Valrhona Chocolate Cake by Dolcelatte. Tel. 09175563374


Crème Brulée Cake by Camille Ocampo. Tel. 09167457729


Mara de la Rama’s Gateau Crepe, Chocolate Panna Cotta and Flourless Truffle Cake. Tel. 09178116272,  09178036272


Chef Jill Sandique’s Macadamia and Pistachio Sans Rival. Tel. 09228262673


Estrel’s Caramel Cake. Tel. 3722965


Baked Chicken Empanadas by Kris Ompaoco. Tel. 0927234 1990, 9207282


Giant ensaymada by Melissa from Pampanga. Also at the Legazpi Sunday market. Tel. 09209478819


Happy eating!