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OCTOBER 27, 2022

MinnieOsmeña, Sal Panelo, DorisHo, Nini Licaros, Andrew Tan
Minnie Osmeña, Sal Panelo, Doris Ho, Nini Licaros, Andrew Tan

Your mantra for the week: “As I encourage others with my words, I am uplifted in mind, body and spirit.”


Here are thoughts to ponder this Christmas as a gift to yourself. In my own journey, one of the most important lessons I have learned is that making a living is not the same as making a life. There are four important areas in making a life: health, relationships, self-expression and enough money to be self-sufficient.


Don’t pursue happiness, because that’s an elusive effort. Let happiness find you instead—if you can balance your life with family, friends, your work, helping others, and generally doing good things.


Whatever your situation in life, remember that you still have a lot to learn. Realize that you have chosen your blood family and, in some way, will always be a reflection of yourself—negative or positive.


According to the Talmud, or the collected writings on the Jewish oral law and tradition, “the best preacher is the heart; the best teacher is time; the best book is the world.”


Let me add that one’s best friend is the God within, the “I Am,” which, when applied with positivity, creates a fulfilling, meaningful life.

Felix Ang, Tina Cuevas, Mike Toledo, Yoli Ayson

Farewell party


Singapore Ambassador to the Philippines Kok Li Peng hosted on Dec. 10 a farewell party for her outgoing colleagues, Ambassadors Amanda Louise Gorely (Australia), Esra Cankorur (Turkey), Marion Derckx (Netherlands), and Aruni Ranaraja (Sri Lanka) at her official residence at in Forbes Park. Kok Li Peng is one of the nicest ambassadors I have met.


I remember my first visit to Singapore, seeing Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew walking and inspecting the streets—the cleanest I have ever seen in the world—sans fanfare, just like an ordinary citizen.


I wrote about that visit, surmising that if the Philippines “borrowed” Lee Kuan Yew, maybe just for two years, the country would really be great again—a promised never fulfilled by former President Ferdinand Marcos.


Farewell to Excellencies Gorely, Cankorur, Derckx, Esra and Ranaraja.

Cheerio and may your next respective stints be even happier.


A Hollywood-like ‘asalto’


Tina Cuevas first tried to honor Sal Panelo on the date of his birthday last September. But upon his appointment Presidential spokesperson, his schedule became so tight, the celebration had to be moved several times.


Finally, last week, Sal had free time, so he accepted Tina’s annual asalto at the Sulo Hotel ballroom—where over a hundred people braved the Edsa traffic to join the party.


Tina, in a stunning black outfit, outdid herself this year by setting up a Hollywood-like cocktail scene around the Sulo swimming pool.


Among the guests who mingled and enjoyed the cool December breeze while sipping champagne were Minnie Osmeña, Doris Ho, Nini Licaros, Felix Ang, Mike Toledo and Noel Oñate.


Birthday boy Sal arrived dressed like a rock star.


I think he’s an effective spokesperson for President Duterte.


As we sat for dinner, everybody was raving about Tina’s excellent choices for the dinner menu—sinigang na pata sa pakwan, chorizo pasta, pan-fried salmon with salted egg, pan-fried banana, crispy pork belly with mango, and cucumber salsa on organic red rice.


Sal hopped from table to table to greet his guests. Several bands played, but it was only towards the end when Sal agreed to jam on vocals, as well as, to everyone surprise, Andrew Tan.


On the way to the party, I noticed a sign between two popular motels: “You will find your Merriest Christmas at 101, Sogo there!”



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