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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Pure Jus cold-pressed juices
Pure Jus cold-pressed juices


At times, when I seriously crave for sweets, I always feel hungry yet bloated.


When this happens, I call on the juice experts to curb my cravings and do a detox.


For years, I’ve been relying on people with knowledge in nourishing the body with fruit and vegetable juices.


I first met Kristal Hierco Reyes of Pure Jus through my dear friend, Jenny Co.


I try to undergo a three-day detox program every other month. I attribute to juicing my sudden dislike for and nonconsumption of soda.


It also helps me stay away from chocolates and pastries. Yes, juicing has that effect on me—it dulls my palate and takes away the desire to devour sweets. Well, of course, I have to combine it with self-control.


Undergoing the program isn’t easy, but I look forward to how light I feel and how loose my clothes are after a cleanse.


Kristal said that in 2013, she started living a healthier lifestyle through exercise and juicing.


She lost weight, her skin glowed, and she felt energetic and revitalized.


Pure Jus


People complimented her looks. When they learned of her new regimen, family and friends started asking her to prepare juices for them. Thus, Pure Jus was born.


“I tested all my programs on myself, my family and friends before I released them,” Kristal said.


She considers herself a health enthusiast who has made a commitment to finding ways to detoxify the body naturally.


“You will be amazed at how your body can heal through the power of plants,” she said.


She is forever learning, and surrounds herself with books on health and juicing. Every bottle she makes is well-thought out. Each one is formulated with a specific goal.


For instance, the Yellow Detox enhances the immune system, helps clear out acne and ease arthritis.


The White Nut lowers cholesterol, helps fight gastric and duodenal ulcers, and enhances memory.


Aside from her detox and weight-loss sets, she has regular blends for those who aren’t fond of fruits and vegetables.


Organic produce


Made from organic produce, Pure Jus is cold-pressed (to retain the vital enzymes and nutrients) and made from 100-percent fresh fruits and vegetables. It contains no preservatives, water, fillers or sugar. It’s made and delivered to your doorstep daily.


A challenge many face is how to gently go in and out of detox. Here are some tips from Kristal.


Before and after detox


Do this at least five days before you begin the program to lessen the symptoms associated with detox:


Eat more raw fruits and veggies like salads.


Stop drinking coffee.


Stop consuming fast-food and processed foods.


Drink at least 3 liters of water a day.


Replace two of your main meals with fresh juices or smoothies.


Sleep 7-9 hours daily.


Exercise or do any activity that makes you sweat.


Clear your mind and focus on the reasons you are doing your detox.


After detox (so as not to waste your cleanse):


Drink your usual lemon water in the morning.


Start with a watery fruit, e.g. watermelon, melon, mango or papaya.


Eat more greens and soup.


Gradually add cooked food in your diet.


Continue drinking plenty of water.


Drink fresh juice once a day.


Exercise daily.


Avoid processed food.


Kristal has a Belly Fat Buster recipe. This blend will help flush out water while nourishing your body with vital nutrients.


1 thumb-size ginger

3 stalks parsley

2 stalks celery

2 cucumbers

1 c pineapple

1 c pears

½ c mint

½ lemon

Pinch of cayenne pepper


Extract all ingredients together. Makes about 500 ml of juice.


While juicing works wonders, it’s best to consult your physician before undergoing any drastic change in your daily diet.


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