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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Here’s another true story that indicates the possibility of time travel and the existence of parallel universes:

In January 1984, two American women from New York, Gloria Spencer and Geraldine Daley, planned to spend three days in Mexico City on vacation, then proceed to Acapulco.

Since they were exhausted and it was already dark when they arrived in Mexico City, they decided to check into a nearby hotel. The taxi brought them to a “modern-looking hotel, complete with black-and-white canopy and a uniformed doorman.”

When Gloria asked if they could have a two-bedroom apartment for three days, the desk clerk smiled and said, ‘‘Of course, señorita, we have been expecting you.”

Surprised, she thought there must have been a mistake, but she just kept quiet. A bell boy helped them with their luggage to the seventh floor, in “a tactfully arranged apartment with fireplace and logs ready to be lighted and a fully stocked bar in the corner of the living room.”

As they entered, they felt suddenly cold, so they asked the bell boy to light the fireplace.


Depression set in.

“What had gone wrong? Where was the sunny and gay Mexico you promised me?” said Geraldine. “And where are all the people?”

It was only then that they realized the lobby was deserted, except for the man behind the desk and the bell boy. But since they were exhausted, they decided to forget the questions, ordered sandwiches and hot coffee and went to bed in their separate rooms.

Gloria couldn’t sleep because it was too cold. Nebulous forms seemed to hover around her. Between waking and sleeping, she suddenly heard her name being called five times. It sounded far. She got up and called out to Geraldine in the other room: “What do you want?” No answer.

She went to Geraldine’s room and angrily demanded what she wanted. “I wasn’t calling you,” a frightened Geraldine whispered, “but someone is. Please see who it is.”

No one was there. Gloria felt that they were being watched by unseen eyes, but decided to go back to sleep. Then something roused her from her very brief slumber. “I got up from bed. At the foot hovered a cloud which emanated intense cold and malevolence. I felt terror! Suddenly the cloud floated out of my room and down the hall toward Geraldine’s room.”

She next heard Geraldine scream. Gloria jumped out of bed, dashed to her friend’s room, grabbed her hand, and both rushed to the elevator.

The same clerk was in the lobby and, between hysterics, the women managed to explain to him what happened.

“I am so sorry, señoritas,” he said calmly. “Your belongings will be brought down and you may change in the ladies’ room, if you wish. I gather you will not be staying on in our lovely hotel. It really is a shame. No one ever stays for just one night with us.”


They were not charged for their stay because of the “inconvenience.” The clerk offered them another hotel for the remaining days or get a booking for Acapulco the next morning.

They decided to fly immediately to Acapulco where they had a lovely time.

But the mysterious events in the hotel haunted Gloria no end. So, on the return flight to Mexico City, she decided to see that hotel again, this time in broad daylight.

She couldn’t recall the hotel’s name, but she remembered the street was Insurgentes, and a Fanta Orange billboard in front of it. When she reached the place, she was completely shocked. There was no hotel, only an empty lot which looked as if it had not been used in years!

“Where is the hotel that was here 10 days ago?” Gloria asked the taxi driver.

“Señorita, I have been driving a taxi cab for the last 20 years in Mexico City. There has never been an apartment hotel such as you describe in this area on Insurgentes Boulevard.”

(This story appeared in the December 1984 issue of Fate Magazine, under the title, “A Night in Limbo” written by Gloria Spencer, one of the women involved in the story).

Mystics of the east, as well as quantum physicists, said that time, as we know it (past, present, future) is an illusion. They happen at the same time, but in other dimensions or parallel universes. Science fiction is fast beginning to look like science fact.

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