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A volunteer worker for a book sale in Arizona found $4,000 (almost P210,000) stashed in one of the items being sold.

Cathy McAllister said  that while she was preparing for the annual VNSA book sale, she came across a donated book titled “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” This was reported by KPNX 12 News on Monday.

When she was about to throw the book away, she decided to take a closer look. “I fanned the book and someone had taken an X-Acto knife and cut a big hole in the middle of the book,” McAllister said.

McAllister could not believe her eyes when she found the money stashed in the book. At first, she even thought the cash was from the board game Monopoly.

“We do find money every so often,” the volunteer worker said. “You find a one or a twenty sometimes, but this was a different category—not $4,000.”

Luckily, the donor, who was unidentified in the report, had a letter and an address in the book label. The money was returned hours after its discovery. The donor even made a generous donation to the book sale.

But did McAllister ever consider keeping the money for herself? “No,” she straightforwardly answered. “I mean, my mother brought me up right.”  Katrina Hallare /ra



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