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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Netflix celebrates the launch of “The Umbrella Academy” by letting fans test their wits at Seven Super Rooms inspired by key characters from the show.

The series, an adaptation of Gerard Way’s critically acclaimed comic books, started streaming on February 15. In this strange and fascinating tale, one odd day in 1989, 43 babies were born to random women who had shown no signs of pregnancy. An eccentric billionaire adopted seven of these infants. He then turned them into superheroes collectively known as The Umbrella Academy.

Dysfunctional family

“You know, we are a dysfunctional family and the core of our dysfunction is we’re not very good superheroes,” said Robert Sheehan who plays Klaus, #4. “Our billionaire reclusive strange character adoptive father turned us into, quote, superheroes. We were very very young. What he didn’t do was give us a childhood so we all grow up missing something emotionally. We grow up, to use a reductive term, as failures as normal human beings. We were manipulated and muscled and coaxed into being superhero crimefighters when we should have been nourished as children.”

The six surviving members of The Umbrella Academy reunite after their father’s death and try to solve the mystery of his demise.

“There is a lot of love underneath it all between all the siblings especially between Diego and Klaus. There’s a big brother kind of dynamic,” said David Castañeda who plays Diego, #2.

“It’s funny how people who endure trauma form stronger connections than people who are perfectly content. I think that’s probably the key,” said Robert.

At the launch on February 15, Eric Tai, Andre Paras, Sanya Lopez, Benj Alves, Brent Manalo, Santino Rosales, and Aryanna Epperson, got the first shot at solving the puzzles  to unlock the party.

It’s your turn on February 16. Bring your family or friends (or your own version of The Umbrella Academy) to the Shooting Gallery Studios’ Red Studio (3317 Zapote Makati). Work together as a team, solve puzzles and take fun photos in the unique rooms between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Super Strong

Luther, the leader of The Umbrella Academy, inspired Room #1. Luther, known as Space Boy in the comic books, spent most of his life alone on the moon. Figure out the clues to get out of this space station-themed room.

Super Bitter

Room #2 pays tribute to Diego’s vigilante character. In this dark hero’s lair, you will need to hit targets and be a skilled marksman just like Diego.


Super Famous

Room #3, inspired by Allison, is decorated with music and movie memorabilia. You’ll have to unleash your inner star in this room.

Super Morbid

Room #4 is a neon-lit dive bar—the turf of the strange and partier Klaus who has the ability to talk to the dead. Create a to-die-for cocktail in this room.



Super Old

Room #5 is The Boy’s room. He can time travel. You can do the same as you play video games from different eras in this nostalgia-filled room.



Super Dead

Room #6 is an ode to Ben. He passed away years before the events you see in the show. It’s the scariest of the rooms and you will need courage to figure out the clues using a Ouija Board there.

Super Ordinary

Room #7 is Vanya’s—the only sibling who doesn’t have super powers. This room is a book-lined author’s study, perfect because Vanya wrote a tell-all book about her family. Figure out Vanya’s ultimate source of power here.

The immersive experience, which is powered by PLDT, Smart and LG, is completely free. Guests can just walk in.

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