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OCTOBER 27, 2022

BTS. Image: Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial
BTS. Image: Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial

K-pop boy band BTS keeps up with their global success with another game-changing worldwide project called Armypedia.


Days after announcing their first stadium tour in the United States and Europe, the unstoppable septet continues to keep the world on its toes.  They launch Armypedia on Feb. 25, a “digital archive of all things BTS.”


Armypedia is a database initiative centered on BTS’ journey since their debut on June 13, 2013. About to celebrate their sixth year in the industry, K-pop’s most popular boy group continues to break records and reach new heights.


In an effort to document this riveting journey with their fandom, Army, the band unveiled Armypedia, a “special chronicle of memories of Army’s journey together with BTS.”


Marking 2,080 days since their debut, Armys can relive momentous milestones with the band through a global scavenger hunt.

Armypedia it

To complete Armypedia, fans of the band all over the world must collaborate and unlock 2,080 puzzle pieces, one for each date since the band’s debut.


Each puzzle piece represents a significant memory and is assigned a QR code.   Armys can use the code to unlock to answer a quiz question about the band. They can then post anything related to BTS on the date card.


Since Armypedia’s initial teaser on Feb. 22, Armys have spotted several puzzle pieces hiding in plain sight. A QR code was even spotted in Seoul, labelled as the 543rd puzzle piece with the date Dec. 7, 2014, which marks the band’s first concert in the Philippines for their first worldwide tour, Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet.


QR codes can be spotted all over the world – from drink carts in Seoul to gargantuan LED screens in Times Square and even in the vast cyberspace of the internet – BTS is literally, everywhere.


In seven of the world’s most famous cities, towering billboards sporting the phrase “Armypedia It!” have been spotted. Each member’s teaser can be found in a specific city.

Clues everywhere

Seoul billboards display youngest member Jungkook’s angelic face, the streets of Tokyo exhibit the heart-fluttering J-Hope, while visual Jin’s glory graces advertisements located in Hong Kong.





On the other side of the globe, New York’s Time Square hails the charisma of Suga, while Los Angeles presents the wondrous Jimin. The code of devastatingly gorgeous V  is in London while leader RM’s teasers will stun you as you explore Paris.





Once scanned, the code leads you to a website where you can take a peak of a special date for each member. For example, Suga chose September 24th, 2018 – the day BTS gave a speech at the United Nations Assembly for their UNICEF campaign, #LoveYourself.


When Armypedia is completed and all 2,080 puzzle pieces and date cards filled and unlocked, special rewards will be given to Armys who participated.


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