‘Does reading ghost stories develop one’s third eye?’ | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

A third-year college student named Cindy e-mailed me the following questions:

1. Are my strange psychic experiences signs that I have a special gift?

2. Is this gift acquired genetically?

3. Is the spirit bothering me an incubus?

4. Is there a possibility that this spirit wants to possess me?

5. Is it true the one I saw with white bright color was my younger sister?

6. Does reading ghost stories develop one’s third eye?

7. Was the dream I had of a white lady real, as my male cousin told me?”

These questions were prompted by a series of psychic experiences Cindy has had since she was young. Here’s a summary of the main points in her long letter.

She used to read ghost stories, including my latest book, until her cousin told her to stop because it can help develop her third eye. She has an aunt, uncle and two cousins whose third eye is open. Her aunt, who has had encounters with ghosts, told her, “If I were not brave, I would be crazy now.” She realized then that one must be brave if she had this ability.

When she was 12 years old, her younger sister was confined at Makati Medical Center, and she slept in the hospital to accompany her mother. One night she felt a strong wind while dreaming. She couldn’t move. “I wanted to shout to call my mother’s attention, but no voice came out.” She told her mother about that strange dream, but there was no reaction from her.

White lady

She thought that incident was the first and the last. After some months, it happened again. “I was asleep but awake at the same time,” she said. But just like before, she could not shout or move. When she told her mother about it, she advised her to move her toes, and it worked.

After two years, her younger sister died. On the 40th day, after the wake, she told her cousin with an open third eye that she always dreamt of a white lady floating outside her window back and forth.

Her cousin said, “Would you believe that your dream was real?” She just looked at him, then holding her hand, he did something she doesn’t remember now. He told her she would never dream of that white lady again. And she never did.

Years passed and she continued to have many strange experiences, like someone holding her hands down, or hearing a voice near her ears, sometimes even demonic laughter. “Once I saw a shadow on top of me, at another time moving away from me.” All these happened while she was asleep and couldn’t move her body.

When she was in her senior year in high school, she saw standing beside the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes a man in barong Tagalog. When she looked back, he was gone. So she thought she only imagined it. But when she got back to her classroom, she heard her friend talking to one of her classmates that during the Halloween party in school, one of their classmates took a photo of herself outside the building. When she looked at the photo in her cell phone, there was a man in barong Tagalog standing before her.


Now Cindy, here are the answers to your questions:

1. When you couldn’t shout or move your body, that was because your consciousness was out of your body. You were experiencing astral projections. Usually a strong wind is felt as we go out of our body. This is called the astral wind. Astral projection happens to many people but they are not always aware of it. It is not something to be scared of. If you don’t panic, you will naturally and easily go back to your body without any effort at all. It is when you panic that you get into trouble getting back. Your experiences show very clearly that you are yourself a psychic, and that your third eye or clairvoyant vision is open.

2. Such abilities are not necessarily genetically passed on to the next generation, but if you live in a household where people have such an ability and are open about it, it is likely that other members of the household will soon develop the same faculty. Because in truth, everybody is a psychic; however, some are more developed than others.

3. The spirit showing himself to you does not possess incubus characteristics. An incubus is a male spirit that sexually molests a living female. A succubus is a female spirit that sexually molests a male.

4. Is it possible the spirit that’s bothering you wants to possess you? It is possible, but it is also possible this was just a wandering earthbound spirit who wants to convey a message to the living through an open channel like you.

5. I cannot tell if the white bright color you saw was your younger sister. Next time it manifests to you, talk to it.

6. It is not true that reading ghost stories will develop your third eye. It was already open even before you started reading ghost stories, but was only triggered by the fact that your thoughts are concentrated on the spirit world as you read. Remember that in the mental and spiritual planes, like attracts like.

7. Your dream of a white lady is real, it was not a dream.

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