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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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The many things we do and choose to keep in our day to day lives reveal a lot about who we are. If you look into my work bag, I think you’d see how my days are filled with a lot of errands, I try to keep up with changing times, and I’m the type to be always prepared.

Sure, I love small bag days. I often have a small to medium bag with me most of the time. Micro bags even, when I attend the occasional party. But I also have a separate work bag that I can’t be without. It’s my lifeline as I attend to various meetings and fulfill the different roles I play.

When looking for a work bag, there are a few non-negotiable factors. Four of them to be exact. I’ve listed it down so you can refer to this as a check list when buying that work bag.

#1 Space

I carry a notebook, a planner, and my laptop with me most of the time. That alone means I can’t have something that’s too compact. Find a bag that gives you easy access to these important tools. The last thing you need is to play Tetris with the items in your bag when on-the-go. This is why having a bag that’s too big isn’t productive as well. The tendency is you pack too much and you end up in a treasure hunt everytime you need something, looking through the very bottom of the bag.

#2 Versatility

You need a bag that matches whatever outfit you are wearing. If you’re like me who works in the creative industry, I dress very differently from day-to-day. But my work bag stays the same. This is why something in black or a neutral color would be ideal. Try to figure out which bag suits your every day uniform.

#3 Design

Choose a bag that has an overall classic design. Sure it can have certain trendy aspects but it needs to be a timeless look. This way, your work bag can be easily integrated in your wardrobe no matter how many style changes you go through. Plus it makes for an effortless, put-together feel.

#4 Material

Investing in a work bag is justified since you need something that is hard-wearing. Look for bags made with premium materials. I would advise a leather bag that can last you many career changes, countless meetings, and working lunches. I like leather because if it’s of top-quality, it ages well. Maintenance should also not be an issue when it comes to a work bag. It should be something that requires little to no maintenance is the best.

Other than this, don’t forget your individuality. All of us have unique needs and quirks when it comes to our work bag. Factor that it so your work bag is nothing short of perfect.   Ria Prieto is an editor, columnist and consultant who loves all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. To read more of her musings, log on to

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