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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Safe Sex Colorful Condoms
Image: CatLane/IStock.com via AFP Relaxnews
Safe Sex Colorful Condoms
Tulipán had created condoms that require four hands to be opened, advocating for consensual sex. Image: CatLane/IStock.com via AFP Relaxnews

In hopes of preventing nonconsensual sex, a sex toy company had just released a “consent condom” that requires two people’s effort to open.

Tulipán, a company from Argentina that sells sex toys, condoms and lubricants, had created a condom that needs four hands to open, an innovation that aims to emphasize the importance of consensual sex. An advertisement showing how the packaging works was posted on Twitter on April 3.

“This pack is as simple to open as it is to understand that if it does not say yes, it is no,” the company tweeted as per Insider.

The packaging was designed to be opened by simultaneously pressing buttons, which requires four hands. The condom allegedly cannot be released by just one person, emphasizing that both parties’ approval is necessary to have consensual sex. 

“Tulipán has always spoken of safe pleasure, but for this campaign we understood that we had to talk about the most important thing in every sexual relationship — pleasure is possible only if you both give your consent first,” Joaquin Campins from Tulipán’s advertising agency BBDO told Adweek via Fox News.

The innovation had already been tested in Buenos Aires as they had been handed out at events and bars. According to Insider, the “consent condoms” will soon be on sale later this year.

Meanwhile, some Twitter users were not impressed by Tulipán’s product.

The company faced criticism as Twitter user @caselcris1 pointed out that the design was not amputee-friendly, saying “able-bodied privilege no?”

Some netizens also believe the condoms will not prevent nonconsensual sex as offenders often do not use condoms. A certain Shweta Adhyam tweeted, “I’m going to go ahead and bet that someone who doesn’t ask for consent is not going to let the lack of a condom stop them.”

Tulipán has yet to address these concerns as of writing. However, they continue to advertise their consensual condoms on Twitter and Instagram, advocating for “consented pleasure.” As per Fox, the condoms are not yet available for sale from the company’s website but have been distributed for free in bars. Casey Eridio/JB


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