LOOK: 17-year-old student designs, sews own gown for graduation ball | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Photos: Ciara Gan/Twitter

MANILA, Philippines — A 17-year-old student from Quezon City recently wowed Filipinos online as she shared some of her talents in arts and creativity on social media.

In a now-viral tweet, Ciara Gan said she handpainted and created the design of her gown for Colegio San Agustin’s graduation ball.

The young artist said she painted over 80 flowers, sewed and stoned the dress with the help of her mother.

Gan noted it took around two weeks to finish the creation of the gown including the painting of the flowers.

She added that she also paints, and makes invites, stickers, vector art, publication materials, and “a lot more.”

She also said she is accepting local commissions and provided her contact details for those who are interested.

As of this writing, the post already gained 380,000 likes and 81,000 retweets, earning the praises and admiration of the netizens. /jpv