5 reasons to be with the Stray Kids on Saturday | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Stray Kids, a 9-member boy group making headlines worldwide, will bring their fierce stages to Manila on April 27.
Stray Kids, a 9-member boy group making headlines worldwide, will bring their fierce stages to Manila on April 27.

You’ve probably heard of the new kids shaking up the scene—Stray Kids. The nine-member boy group was formed by JYP Entertainment through a reality show of the same name in 2017. The group officially debuted in 2018 and made headlines as they showcased their own brand of fierce with tracks like “Hellevator” and “My Pace.”


Fresh from the release of their latest comeback “Miroh,” the monster rookies are expected to set fire to the Smart Araneta Coliseum this month,  marking their first concert in the country. Stays—it’s what their fandom is called—proved their dedication as tickets continue to sell out fast. So here are five reasons on why you shouldn’t pass up on watching them this April 27th:


  1. They self-produce their own tracks.


The members actively participate in the production of their hit singles, may it be through contributing lyrics, arranging or producing. Members Changbin, Han and Bang Chan are also known as 3RACHA, a predebut rap trio who has released tracks on Soundcloud showcasing their musical abilities. The three continue to contribute to Stray Kids’ discography by producing the group’s spunky title tracks that tackle issues such as corruption, conformism and identity.


  1. Sleek and inventive choreography


Probably one of the best things about a group with nine members is the stunning formations aided by creative choreography. One of their most iconic performances was on their reality show, where they impressed fellow rookies from rival YG Entertainment with an amusing yet jaw-dropping performance in a dance battle. Keep your eye on Lee Know, Hyunjin and Felix, the amazingly talented main dancers of the group.


  1. Five albums


Just over a year in the industry, Stray Kids already has five albums under their belt. Every record stands on its own and brings something new to the table. All of their past releases are characterized by their signature style. The member’s vocals, particularly Woojin, Seungmin and I.N.’s, will definitely leave you asking for more!


  1. The members


Yes, it sounds cheesy. But once you’ve watched the special music videos of their B-sides, or self-camera—you’ll always find yourself looking for their antics. Felix’s cooking broadcast has taught many how not to make pancakes. Australia line (that’s Felix and Bang Chan who come from Down Under) will make your heart flutter with their accent. They’re down to earth, relatable and amusing kids—what’s not to love?


  1. Stray Kids will definitely make you a Stay by the end of the night.


Trust me, spend your hard-earned coins on Stray Kids—a rookie group that has made waves in the K-pop scene. You’ll surely have fun with fellow Stays and make new friends at the end of the night. Stray Kids will make you stay. Surely.