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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Tim Hortons’ milk tea, cruller and muffins —PHOTOS by IRENE PEREZ
Tim Hortons’ milk tea, cruller and muffins —PHOTOS by IRENE PEREZ


Sandwiches and coffee go together, but what if you can make them better?


Tim Hortons recently let us in on it’s “secret menu.” The Canadian coffee chain offers beverages and bagels that diners can stack with add-ons.


Take for instance the off-the-menu Red Eye Iced Capp, a blended coffee drink with extra espresso (plus P40). The shot not only wakes you up, but also intensifies the flavor. Select branches are also serving sugary milk tea in caramel and hazelnut with coffee jelly, so please take note of the sweetness.


Tim Hortons usual menu includes the Bagel BELT with bacon, omelette, lettuce, tomato and cheese, and Italiano Grilled Bagel with meat, mozzarella, tomato, onion lettuce and garlic mayo. Basic grilled cheese is also served, as well as Artisan-Style grilled cheese that comes with a choice of bacon, beef or pepperoni.


Your sandwich, your rules


To create your own bagel or grilled cheese, first choose the meat (P50 each): Bacon, ham, pepperoni, steak, grilled or crispy chicken strips? Or maybe some ham (P35), or more bacon?


How about some cheese (P15 per slice)? Load up on mozzarella, American cheese and cheddar; we won’t judge, but we recommend having the cream cheese (P25) on the side for fun spreading.


Make your meal colorful with veggies such as lettuce, tomato, onion (P15 each), and flavorful with a sauce. Choices are garlic mayo, chipotle and ranch (P25 each). A drizzle of honey (P10) can also balance off the saltiness of the cheese.


We created a very filling, super meaty bagel with bacon, ham, pepperoni, some token veggies, cheddar and side of cream cheese.


For the grilled cheese, we took inspiration from the Philly cheesesteak sandwich by combining steak, bit of chipotle and more cheese—and we’re glad it turned out delicious.


There are other creative Tim Hortons secret menu options online. Some call for a crisp hash brown in a breakfast bacon-and-egg muffin, others actually use the hash brown as “bread.”


Other interesting hacks we found: Iced Capp topped with a chocolate Timbit (the tiny pastry works like a cherry), an all-veggie bagel with cheddar cheese, and an Old Fashion Glazed donut sandwich filled with sausage and egg.


Customizing an order is satisfying—the only limit is your budget.


Visit www.timhortons.ph.



Red Eye Iced Capp, and create your own bagel and grilled cheese sandwiches