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Scarlet Snow seriously trying to understand what her dad is explaining to her—Photo by THELMA S. SAN JUAN

Hayden to Scarlet Snow: ‘Obey with a happy heart’

Scarlet Snow seriously trying to understand what her dad is explaining to her—Photo by THELMA S. SAN JUAN


Many of the more than three million Instagram followers of Scarlet Snow Belo-Kho, who’s easily one of the most followed babies in social media, are curious not only about Scarlet Snow herself, but also about her celebrity parents, Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho.

How do they parent a child who won global attention even before she could learn to walk and talk?

Belo and Kho are among the most hands-on parents we’ve seen around. They’re not only always physically present in her life, they also map out her growth and development assiduously, including her lessons in Mandarin.

Contrary to what people think, Scarlet Snow isn’t exposed to many people, certainly not to strangers. It’s only her dad, her mom, her siblings Quark and Cristalle, their kasambahay and a few friends who take her photos for IG. It’s usually always her dad.

And it’s also Kho who decides what to post in her IG. Kho is a dad in full control, down to the details (like how long should his baby girl be out in the pool).


Scarlet Snow with mom, Dr. Vicki Belo, at Universal in Singapore —PHOTOS FROM @HaydenKho


Belo was right when she told us that Kho’s parenting style makes interesting copy. The bond is very apparent. Even when the couple is out at night to parties and events, one notices how Kho keeps tab of what Scarlet Snow is up to at home—what book she’s reading at bedtime, for example, or if she’s ready to go to bed.

Aside from being always present in her life, how does Kho see to it that this four-year-old—whom the world pampers with attention and gifts—not turn into a spoiled brat?

We’ve seen how a look from Dad is enough to make this toddler behave. Then he sits her down and talks to her—like a grownup. “We need to keep her down to earth, because life is not about brands or luxury,” Kho once told us.


Scarlet Snow riding in the pool with Hunter Pitt, his eyes squinting in the sun


And Kho has a way of aborting a kid’s tantrums. He pulls her to him and “dialogues” at her level.

Once at dinner, we asked her, are you an obedient girl? She gave us a nod. Kho is one father who believes that delayed obedience is non-obedience.

Then Kho asked her, how do you obey, Scarlet? She replied quickly, “Right away, all the way, and with a happy heart.” —THELMA S. SAN JUAN