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OCTOBER 27, 2022

My dad and I are very close. Every night, I go to his room, and together we watch our favorite TV shows on his computer such as “Outsourced,” “Modern Family,” “No Ordinary Family” and “Na-kita.” It’s our bonding time.

I enjoy this time with my dad so much. I can tell my dad anything, and he’ll give me the best advice possible.

Some young people take their dad for granted. Right now I am telling you. Don’t. You only have one dad in your whole life time so cherish every moment with him. This advice is especially all those “daddy’s girls” out there, because I surely am one!

I and my dad are super close. When I have a math problem I come to him straight away. If I have friendship problems I go to him. If I have something going on in my life that I don’t understand, I ask for his help.

If I have boy problems.. I go to my mom, but still, I go to my dad for him to provide a boy’s point of view.

Whenever I and my dad fight—about the stupidest things—we always always end making up.

When I came home from my trip to Sweden, my dad was right there waiting for me at the airport, all smiles.

One of the things I love most about my dad is, he’s so strong but also very caring. I guess that’s just how dads are. They have to provide for their family while being available always, listening to their children’s stories and giving them advice.

You know what I’ve learned throughout my 12 years of living on this planet we call earth? Dads live difficult lives.

So give your dad a big bear hug; it always takes away the stress…

Dads might have different ways of showing how much they love their families. But essentially they’re all the same. They love no matter how old their children are. As my dad says, you’ll always be my baby even if you’re 78!

I love you, dad!

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