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So, who do I follow?

So, who do I follow?

There is still an abundance of space for Pinoy content on TikTok, the world’s leading short-video platform.

The short-video format is a relatively nascent online content with untapped, undiscovered possibilities. For Filipinos, too, there is a lot more purpose to the app beyond editing.

Maximize the platform to perhaps express yourself better, join a community or build your brand—things that haven’t been far-fetched for some personalities in other countries who began their journey with TikTok and, already, for some content creators on our shores.

Want to be on your way? We asked TikTok Philippines to list down content creators that have grown a fanbase with their short-video content. Take inspiration from these TikTokers:

So, who do I follow?Roland, also known as “Kuya Ching,” is a stroke survivor. He likes to take on trending challenges and do comedy. He proves that anybody who wants to express themselves can do so freely on TikTok.

Anj is a fashion/vlog creator that used her experience in making transition videos back in to improve her content. She likes to lip-sync and dub.

So, who do I follow?Talk about trademark smiles. His willingness to make fun of himself takes his entries to a whole new level of comic that has made him a delight to his followers.

So, who do I follow?Simple, no-frills but elegant is how Sai’s content is. She’s joined the ranks of the fastest-rising creators in-app with content related to fashion and her dogs.

So, who do I follow?Cedricks is reprezenting the LGBTIQ+ community on TikTok, no doubt! He’s expressing his truth with content in fashion, beauty and comedy.

So, who do I follow?Shyr has the face that can launch a thousand ships, but she doesn’t mind being a comic. She mostly creates comedy content that allows her to showcase her wacky expressions.

So, who do I follow?Alicia is another fast-rising creator in the app. She mostly does fashion/beauty content and maximizes transition scenes. Let her content define “effort” for you.

So, who do I follow?Gyl popularized transition videos in the Philippines, and has appeared in TikTok events across Asia. He has successfully converted his strong online presence to offline following. —Vaughn Alviar

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