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TikTok creators let loose at #themainevent’s dance off.

Planning to start on TikTok? Start with sure hits for Pinoys

TikTok is taking the world by storm.

Worldwide, the video-editing and -sharing—and social media—platform has been the most downloaded app on App Store for the first quarter of 2019 (SensorTower Data Digest Report), trumping even Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. It also now boasts 500 million active users a month (Hootsuite/We Are Social, April 2019), among them celebs Jimmy Fallon, Nick Jonas and Cardi B!

But the app has space for more, said John G. Castro, TikTok user and content operations manager for the Philippines. “TikTok’s not just about the lights, the editing, the music, it’s about life itself… It is as a safe space for everyone to create, express themselves.”

The TikTok community in the Philippines is “very big but compact,” ensured Argyl Carmelo, a TikTok creator with 289,000-plus fans. “It’s a supportive bunch so you will feel welcome.”

They were both at the sidelines of the [REC]reate South East Asia Creators and Content Marketing Conference, held on July 10, at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center.

If you want to start creating content stat, here are some pointers Super picked up from conversations with both:

  • Hugot, pickup lines. We have endless creativity when we tap into our hopeless-romantic hearts.
  • Dub. Find an iconic movie scene and give it a take two.
  • Use your face. If you aren’t big on words, show some acting chops with your face.
  • Dance. Why not learn a dance craze or choreograph your own?
  • Pets. Enough said.
  • Travel. We love to live vicariously, so don’t scrimp on the footage.
  • Hashtags. Take on a trending challenge or start your own. Don’t forget the hashtag!
  • More, more, more. The more you post, the more visible you are, the more followers you get.—Vaughn Alviar
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