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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Sunday nights are akin to the silence before a big battle. It’s when we prepare for another work week. Ideally, you should pack your bag and hang up your pressed outfit for tomorrow. In reality, it’s when we binge-watch a few more episodes of our favorite shows. (Mine is currently Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’ and Jen Atkin’s vlog channel.)

I also like to reboot my skincare routine on Sundays. Today, I did a mask marathon. I used the Sephora Collection Blackhead Peel-Off Mask to get rid of the nasty spots that always appear, without fail, the night before a big day. The mask contains one of my favorite skincare ingredients, glycolic acid, that helps exfoliate and smoothen skin. It’s also quite gentle for a peel-off mask, so it doesn’t leave redness nor do you have to tug on your skin. Keep this tube handy so you  can prep the skin  if you’ve got some important meetings coming up.

After this, I like to use something calming. Deceive your co-workers that you get more sleep than they do when you pop on the Avon Gold Shimmer Hydrogel Eye Mask. It helps me relax and keeps undereye wrinkles and lines at bay. Its hydrating power comes from manuka honey and nectarine. I always store this type of mask in the fridge as the cooling sensation doubles the depuffing effect, and the luxe feel.

Throughout the workweek, have an eye for detail, not just for your tasks but also skincare-wise.

Nails can get brittle due to various issues like stress, lack of vitamins and minerals, and your use of acetone for nail polish removal. And we all know how irritating a busy day gets when you encounter a hangnail while you type. To avoid this, have something like the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Vitamin Strenght Serum on your desk. Think of it as something extra if your regular hand cream isn’t giving what you need. The serum nourishes the nails in-between manicures and hydrates your cuticles.

For a quick pick-me-up before appointments, pack the Gino McCray Mineral Water Spray. This Beauty Buffet product uses mineral water from France to help re-energize and moisturize skin. I use it as a toner after my cleanser, but it’s meant as a setting mist or a midday treat when your makeup needs a quick refresh. You can use it on your body too!

Another product that I like to use is Scentio Hair Professional Daily Moisture Recovery Leave-In. I first blow dry my hair until it’s just damp before spraying it in. The first time I used it, I was so surprised at how smooth my hair felt when it had dried. It didn’t feel heavy nor was there any residue. It’s also recommended to use this before heat styling and to protect your mane from environmental stress.


With these five product amping up your regular routine, there’s a high chance you’re going to own this workweek!


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