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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Sometimes, it’s as if our hair has a mind of its own–there are days when it seems like it just won’t cooperate. While we long to have smooth, shiny, effortless hair 24/7–the kind you would see in shampoo commercials–real life just doesn’t work that way. And even with the proper care, it’s normal for us to have off days when it comes to our hair.

There are also a lot of external factors that may sometimes cause our hair to go berserk, such as living under a hot and humid climate, being exposed to pollution, and going on difficult commutes with a lot of crowding. Unwanted frizz? Limp and lifeless hair? Hair that smells like the ihaw-ihaw stall you just passed? Yes, bad days can happen to anyone, and surely, no matter what type of hair you have–long, short, straight, curly, fringed–we’ve all been there.

Here are a few bad hair day situations you just might recognize.

Mahangin ba sa labas hair

It can be difficult to literally let your hair down sometimes. Whether you get caught in a strong gust of wind from walking outside or happen to ride an over-speeding jeepney on your way to work, your hair is bound to suffer some bad frizz and tangles, potentially meriting those around you to ask, “mahangin ba sa labas?” This is especially true for textured hair. You’d want to avoid the extra volume, or end up looking like you got an electric shock or got into a bad catfight.

Sweaty tresses

You don’t exactly have to be active to have this problem–busy girls hustling to get that bread are bound to work up a sweat. While you can certainly get a sweaty scalp and hair from exercising and working out, this can also happen when you’re simply going about your day. Even if you’re cooped up in an air-conditioned building for most of your day, there’s still the commutes, or the elevator rides, or the walks to your bus stop. With the climate of the Philippines, especially when you live in a more congested, crowded metropolitan area, your hair just doesn’t retain its freshness from your early morning shampooing. Sometimes, it’s a miracle that it would stay fresh until lunchtime.

Dull, lifeless locks

Running late to work? In the thick of the early morning rush? In the quick pace of just trying to get where we need to be, we tend to neglect our hair, causing it to be dull, limp, or lifeless. Perhaps you haven’t washed your hair properly in a couple of days–foregone the conditioner, used hot water, or skipped washing it altogether. Maybe you didn’t have enough time to let it dry properly. Maybe you’ve used a straightening iron too many days in a row this week. Whatever the case, lifeless hair is not just unattractive–it’s also a sign that you should be paying more attention to your tresses.

Hair that’s exposed to pollution

Especially when you live in the city, being around pollution can’t be avoided–and your hair also suffers. Say you get stuck in traffic. With your hair unprotected and exposed, it becomes vulnerable to dust, dirt, soot, and gases which could cause damage and irritation, and not to mention, leave you with an unpleasant, icky feeling. 

Smelly hair

Then, there’s also the problem of our hair easily absorbing strong, unpleasant odors–not only from the smoke coming from air pollutants, but all kinds of odors we find ourselves around throughout our day can do a great job of sticking to our tresses. Outside smells stick easier to damaged hair, as it has lost its protective coating. Some smells are especially potent for unprotected hair–once they get into the fibers, the odor will stay until the next time you can shampoo. At any point in the day, our hair can go from smelling like an ashtray to the grilled chicken you had for lunch. 

Our tresses don’t have to suffer as we go about our busy days. With great haircare and a handy product to instantly transform your dull and smelly hair into #ShinyFreshHair like Vitress Hair Freshener, warding off bad hair days will forever be a breeze. Especially formulated for your hair needs, Vitress Hair Freshener easily eliminates unwanted odors and gives your tresses a renewed shine and silky smoothness.

Bad hair days don’t have to get the best of you. Like Solenn Heussaff, you can fight bad hair days every day with the right product.

Kick your bad hair days goodbye and welcome #ShinyFreshHair everyday with Vitress Hair Freshener. 


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