Where to wear Moschino, and other suggestions | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

This post is an ode to Moschino, the only weird show in Milan.

The Spring 2020 collection is supposedly inspired by Picasso. I realize Jeremy Scott is pretty good at this: making decidedly one-dimensional collections. It’s almost never something-meets-something-else, which is, I guess, pretty convenient historically. It will be known as the Picasso show and that’s that. Fashion historians get to clock out early.

Although I also realize that if, for example, you were just coming from having enjoyed the new Bottega Venetta, thinking about how Jeremy Scott’s propositions might fit your chic and serious worldview could be quite the challenge for your imagination.    

So, below, I undertake the imaginative task of picking five Moschino looks and discuss how they can inspire you, or suggest where you might want to wear them.

Look 12: This is one of those three of four looks here that can be plucked out and maybe no one will really notice. It might, however, circulate pretty widely in your trend report dispatches. It’s one among many examples of this season’s collective love for a silk-satiny fabric in an insane color that the design studios have been patting themselves on the back for, thinking it’s so unexpected and unique. So if you see a silk slip dress in the color of an intriguing tropical fruit that might be poisonous, cop it!

Look 40: I guess this can pass off as faintly Filipiniana, considering it’s a dress code as strict as security guards with magic wands. I imagine this can be a good look for the SONA-attending lady senator or politician’s wife, who has a jet-setting friend with Milanese connections and money to burn. Is it all of them, I hear you say?

Look 45: Phoebe Philo at Celine had a crack at the dress with a painted torso, referencing Yves Klein, in Spring 2017. I won’t be surprised if Elsa Schiaparelli, etc., etc., also did it at some point. Those rounded power-shoulders are taking me back to when the ovoid silhouette was the at the height of the avant-garde. That must have been the early 2010s, and only fashion editors who fancied themselves street style stars ever really wore them. Anyway, if by any chance you succumbed to that trend in the distant past, now might be a good time to resurrect your forward-thinking purchase and maybe do a DIY-Picasso on it. Looks simple enough.

Look 48: A meme in the making, about being crazy into someone who plays the guitar and who says his favorite Disney movie is The Road to El Dorado. You show up to your date wearing this, beaming, and tell him that it’s actually DreamWorks. You pass the test and you live happily ever after.

Look 50: When you tell your parents you want to be Harley Quinn for Halloween, but they haven’t seen Suicide Squad, and they only have their PhDs on twentieth century cubist art to rely on. You bemoan for a quick minute why your sister gets to be a bride (again) and you’re a clown, but you still go out there with your guitar-shaped purse and make it work.