Religion is off limits | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Dear Emily,

I wonder if a newspaper’s advice on religion should be based on a particular person’s relationship with God. For those who are not intimate with the Almighty, then maybe any advice is acceptable to them. But for those readers who are God-fearing and love their God above all else, the advice will, in the end, not bring them peace or joy. In columns like yours, don’t you actually have to give definite advice? Or do you just give a road map they have to follow themselves?—MBS

This column does not meddle with religion. Our topics are about relationships (man to woman, man to man, woman to woman) between mature and immature persons, family members in conflict, rich and poor, old or young. Nothing on anyone’s particular religious beliefs or anything that involves oppression in the name of religion and anything esoteric that a fifth grade student wouldn’t be able to understand.

It’s a very touchy subject that can turn controversial or even polemic. No one will come out the victor no matter how kilometric or learned the discussion is. It’s a very subjective topic and will only result in frayed emotions, where entrenched principles and faiths could fly off the wall, acceptance becomes narrower and tolerance disappears like smoke.

Topics like this may involve the barest minimum in suggesting a road map should a problem be presented. No ideas or even suggestions can be cast in stone. Go instead to a priest, an Imam, a Rabbi or a theologian. They know more about religion than a relationships columnist ever will. —CONTRIBUTOR or