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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The holidays bring with it a definite license to spruce up your home. Switch the everyday china for the special plates you got on your last vacation. Change up the linens for more colorful options. Put up the lights, go for the sparkle, re-arrange the living area to accommodate more people. Don’t forget to add some kitsch: the red stockings, angel figurines, and perhaps a cinnamon scented candle.

At the very least, there is a reason to add life to your usual set-up. If you put up some scary decor for Halloween, I’m sure you’re hanging up the mistletoe. And you’re loving the excuse to go on a bit of shopping spree leading up to greeting 2019. I’m also certain you don’t mind hitting a few furniture and decor shops to find presents for your loved ones.

If you’re still reading up to here, this means I got your attention. You’re also most likely curious to know what suggestions this list contains when it comes to home finds.

Little Dapitan

If you’re up in the northern part of Metro Manila, Ayala Cloverleaf has Little Dapitan. Here you’ll have a curated slice of the famous Dapitan Arcade without the hassle of parking. If you’re in need of extra tinsel and ornaments for your tree, this is where you need to go. Prices are affordable so, I’m warning you, there’s a big chance you’ll be hoarding.

Editor’s pick: Bayonciaga. Use it to carry around your loot or give as a present for your equally-shopaholic friend.

Casa Consunji

A trip down south will take you to this hub of exotic home finds by Maggie Wilson-Consunji. Casa Consuji carries elegant picks from all over the world, chosen by Maggie and her team. Don’t be afraid to ask where the pieces are sourced and what they’re made of as each one has a unique story from India to Norway.

Editor’s pick: Casa Consunji offers an array of linens, throw pillows, and beds which add texture to any space.


Something I discovered at this year’s Arte Fino, you will be won over at the choices at Paperbound. The label carries luxe paper products and other avant-garde pieces like brass ant paperweights and crystal-encrusted marble boxes. It will be able to help you elevate the ordinary aspects of your home. They also can help you add that extra touch to the gifts you’ll be giving out this year.

Editor’s pick: Brass matchboxes. It’s simple but sophisticated and gives a little bit more to the ritual of lighting a candle.


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