For uninterrupted conversations, make sure there's San Mig Light and no 'panira' | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

‘Tis the season to be catching up with friends and family over ice-cold beer. Barring a “panira,” every conversation has the potential to turn into an epic night of fun or a meaningful bonding experience. Interested in what constitutes a “panira”? Here are a few classic examples:

The Hijacker (Panira ng Usapan)

Mayday! The Hijacker is onboard and is taking over the conversation, again! Anything you can do, this guy has done better, “like, five years ago!” And while his enthusiasm can be infectious, it can put a damper on everyone else’s if someone has commandeered the discussion and no one is able to get a word in edgewise.

Mr. “On the way” (Panira ng Schedule)

You know the type: arrives to a 9 pm inuman at 12 midnight. He was “on the way” for three solid hours, but everyone knows he came from a place only 20 minutes away. Even if the fibbing can be ignored, his “tell me everything I missed” cannot! Being fashionably late is not cute when your mates have to repeat their entire conversation because you were “on the way” for most of the evening.

The Drama King (Panira ng Mood)

Has not even started drinking, but is already drunk-crying—this is the guy who stole Christmas fun. While everyone else came to have a good time, the Drama King needs hand-holding down a shame spiral with no reprieve. A real buzz-kill if there ever was one.

The Fitness Buff (Panira ng Appetite)

With him around, the inuman conversation is punctuated with unsolicited fitness factoids such as, “Did you know that a cup of rice can take two hours to burn on a treadmill?” The Fitness Buff will promote the merits of a healthy diet and working out daily. Good thing you can’t be called out, because you’re holding an ice-cold San Mig Light. At only 100 calories per bottle, it is light on the stomach and perfect for those epic evenings of catching up that last deep into the night.

What is your experience with a “panira”? Check out what not to be in this video series by San Mig Light here. BrandRoom/AF