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Going to a prom? Here are some tips

Wear comfortable shoes. This is a must because you’ll be on your feet for most of the night. Don’t sacrifice comfort—make sure your shoes fit properly and won’t hurt your feet after a time. Break in your shoes if you must.

Bring oil blotter sheets. Eventually you’ll get oily, especially in a nonair-conditioned venue. Use oil blotters to freshen up.

Make the most of your money. Get what you paid for by going back to the buffet table. Enjoy your night!

Own the dance floor. Don’t be shy to dance or to ask people to dance! You’ll never know what can happen or whose night you’ll make.

Budget well. A prom is only for a night. Don’t overspend on extravagant dresses or branded shoes because you will probably never wear them again. Spend within your family’s means. —SABINE GUINTO